Pennsylvania State Grange applauds dairy visits

Pennsylvania State Grange

In-state dairy processing means a greater capacity for state to produce dairy products



Recently, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding has made some well-publicized visits to Pennsylvania’s dairy processors.

The Pennsylvania State Grange believes the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s efforts to highlight the importance of in-state dairy processing bring an added benefit to struggling dairy farmers. In-state processing means less expense because of lower transportation costs.

In-state dairy processing means a greater capacity for Pennsylvania to produce other dairy products like cottage cheese, various types of cheeses, yogurts and specialty products that are in high demand by the consumer. It means these products could now be marketed as PA Preferred since they would be produced in Pennsylvania. Although fluid milk is vital to Pennsylvania’s agricultural economy, other dairy products adapt to evolving consumer taste.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has taken great strides in the current fiscal year in providing financial assistance to help the dairy industry. The Pennsylvania State Grange is delighted to see additional support may be on its way as proposed for the FY 2019-20 State Budget by Gov. Wolf.

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