PermaNet® Screen Aims to Greatly Reduce Biting Insects

Screen Kills Biting Flies and Midges on Contact

Proximity Veterinary Health (PVH) has entered into an agreement for the distribution and sale of PermaNet® Screen, the world’s only insecticidal screen that kills biting flies and midges by contact. PermaNet® Screen is created by Vestergaard, a global health company innovating game-changing solutions that contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

PermaNet® will protect horses and enable cattle to be more productive and healthier by reducing the number of flies pestering them while it reduces the spread of disease. “When cows are stressed or sick, milk production can be reduced by up to 30%. The use of a PermaNet® Screen can allow cows to remain healthy, thus allowing for normal milk production,” according to PVH CEO, Barry Beverly. “We are proud to be able to play a part in keeping farms healthy and highly productive.”

Use of the PermaNet® Screen can provide an alternative to fly sprays, masks or diet changes and will eliminate the need for daily sprayings. While being used by livestock producers in a previous pilot research and development program, it was reported that there were 77% fewer flies and other insects. Calm and healthy livestock benefit farmers, families and communities.

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