PFAS Information Session at World Dairy Expo

Rising concerns about PFAS are causing some states to push for broader testing on farms with bio-solids or near airports

How could PFAS contamination impact your dairy operation? These chemicals are used in everyday items like nonstick cookware, some types of food wrapping material, clothing, dental products and more. Ground water near airports or military bases where fire fighting foam has been used can also be impacted.

PFAS have been detected in groundwater and the land of some dairy farmers bringing to question what clean up or legal actions producers could face. Could your farm be at risk?



An information session will be held at World Dairy Expo featuring two authorities.  Matthew Schroeder is an environmental engineer with Dragun Corporation with experience in detecting and mitigating PFAS.  Leah Ziemba is an attorney based in Madison is involved helping clients litigating and negotiating PFAS issues.

The session, organized by the American Dairy Coalition will be held on Thurs., Oct. 3 in the Monona Room of the Exhibition Hall at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis.  Registration starts at 11:30 a.m. with heavy appetizers and refreshments to follow.  Admission is free with World Dairy Expo entry but space is limited and RSVP is requested here.

To better understand PFAS and the implications it may have, you can tune in to DairyVoice podcast at to find out more. DairyVoice Episode 3 on October 7 will focus on this issue.


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