PFAS is a Growing Concern for Dairy Farmers. What You Need to Know.

DairyVoice upcoming podcast on October 7 explores the contaminant called PFAS, which is now appearing on several dairy farms across the United States and is getting attention from both the public and regulators.

Several dairies have already been impacted by PFAS and in the October 7 edition of DairyVoice podcast, host Joel Hastings of DairyBusiness News interviews two guests who shed light on this topic. They are Leah Ziemba, an attorney with Michael Best in Madison, Wisconsin, with experience helping dairy clients and Matt Schroeder, who is an environmental engineer with Dragun Corporation in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

“As if dairy producers don’t have enough to deal with, there is a new contaminant concern that has appeared on several dairy farms across the country. It’s called PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). PFAS have been manufactured and used worldwide since the 1940s. There has been emerging evidence that PFAS exposure can lead to adverse human health effects and it’s receiving attention from both the public and regulators.”, Hastings says.

Both guests talk about the legal implications of PFAS, what it is, and what concerns a dairy farmer should have about this topic.

DairyVoice podcast, also featured on Apple and Google podcast, began at the beginning of September with a premier episode by Cornell University’s Tom Overton titled “Ten Traits for Resilient, High Performing Dairies.” Episode 2 features Dr. Michael Hutjens, Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois, who talks about The unusual weather conditions in the 2019 Midwest growing season and implications for dairy farm feed quality, feeding and harvesting.

Tune in to or on October 7 to learn more about PFAS. Plus, you can always go to either website to listen to past episodes.

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