PMI Continues to Build Team of Experts to Deliver Leading Feed Additive Solutions

PMI is proud to announce and welcome Kevin Kouri as a Senior Technical Sales Consultant within their expanding technical sales team.


“Kevin is an example of the talent we are hiring to accelerate our growth and innovation and bring worth to our customers.” says Adam DeRosier, General Manager of PMI. “His knowledge, passion and dedication to building lasting customer relationships are a great addition to our team.”

Kevin Kouri received his B.S. from University of Vermont and M.S. from University of Connecticut in the Department of Animal Science. His master thesis was, “Effect of Increased Rumen-Undegradable Protein Fed Prepartum on Milk Protein Content and Yield In Early Lactation For High Producing Holstein Cows”.

Prior to joining PMI, Kouri spent fifteen years with Poulin Grains, Inc, in Vermont. His roles included Field Nutritionist, Territory Manager, to his most recent role as a Technical Sales Manager and AMS Specialist.


Most recently, Kouri established Summit View Consulting, focused on integrated solutions for the modern dairy cow. In this capacity, he developed nutrition programs and management recommendations to further the dairy clientele within Europe and China.

Kevin and his family have recently relocated back to Vermont from France. When not working on advancing the nutrition and management of dairy herds, Kevin can be found spending time with his family, camping, fishing, skiing, hiking and running.
PMI is continuing to focus on developing feed additives through customer insights and expertise in nutrition, health, and management in livestock and poultry. With deep research capabilities and investment, exclusive partnerships with industry-leading companies from across the globe, and exceptional talent, PMI is experiencing significant growth.
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