Positively impact herd reproduction, health, productivity and management

General Session

Maximize reproductive efficiency – Dr. Paul Fricke

Dr. Paul Fricke will help your dairy overcome reproductive challenges by sharing practical, on-farm reproductive strategies.

10 steps to a healthier transition – Dr. Thomas Overton

This session digs into critical factors to set up fresh cows for strong starts. Dr. Overton will give a 10-point checklist to focus on; you’ll see facilities, rations and management protocols through new lenses.

Keep the light on – Hank Wagner

During this over-lunch discussion, Hank Wagner will provide helpful hints on staying motivated while motivating others and keeping all the tasks of the farm going.

Breakout Sessions
(Participants will select 2 of 3)

Trouble-shooting reproduction –

Dr. Paul Fricke

Learn to better pinpoint key factors affecting fertility, and – through case studies – how to better identify and resolve costly reproductive bottlenecks. Equip yourself with strategies to fix herd fertility issues.

Optimize transition nutrition –

Dr. Thomas Overton

Feeding transition cows is tricky business. From energy to metabolizable protein levels and mineral balancing, This session focuses on research and practical delivery. Dr. Overton goes into detail about critical nutrition areas that produce game-winning results when done right.

Optimizing cow behavior for success –

Dr. Trevor DeVries

Dr. DeVries has dedicated his entire career to connecting cow behavior to health and production; he’ll translate his learnings to us and show us how knowledge of cow behavior can be used to maximize nutrition, management, and housing.

Conference Presenters

Paul Fricke, PhD is a Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on developing and improving methods for dairy cattle reproductive management. The goal of his extension program is maximizing dairy cattle reproductive efficiency by applying knowledge gained through scientific research while developing management programs and technologies for use in production dairy cattle operations.

Trevor DeVries, PhD is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Dairy Cattle Behavior and Welfare in the department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph. Dr. DeVries leads a highly productive research program focused on dairy cattle nutrition, management, behavior and welfare.

Thomas Overton, PhD is a Professor of and Director of PRO-DAIRY at Cornell University whose emphasis is on transition-cow nutrition and management. He researches practical strategies producers and industry professionals can use to improve animal wellbeing and profitability. Dr. Overton provides leadership within statewide and regional efforts to positively impact the dairy industry in rural New York communities.

Hank Wagner, dairy producer and founder of Wagner Leadership Training, owns a 650-cow dairy in northeastern Wisconsin with his family. A John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer and coach, Hank formed Wagner Leadership Training to help individuals, families, organizations and businesses be their best.

You can call 800.947.7379 to register.

Registration Fee: $125/member and $250/non-member ($75 each additional participant from same dairy. Registration fee covers workshop, materials and lunch.


Wednesday, October 31

Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

2611 Yellowstone Drive, Marshfield, Wis.

Thursday, November 1

Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Public Events Building, N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington, WI

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