Power up your feed with BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus

“We often say, ‘We don’t feed the dairy cow, we feed the microbes in her rumen and lower digestive tract,’” says Keith Bryan, PhD, technical service manager, Silage and Dairy, at Chr. Hansen. That’s because a lactating dairy cow has one of the most unique and complex digestive systems.

For 30 years, Chr. Hansen has been working with probiotics for animals. The bacteria in our BOVAMINE® Dairy Probiotic and Multi-species Probiotic have long histories of providing essential microbial support to livestock. “Now, we’re taking these products to the next level with BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus. BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus takes the best of both product lines and offers four species of beneficial bacteria: unique strains of Lactobacillus animalis, Propionibacterium freudenreichii, Bacillus subtilis, and Bacillus licheniformis.  This combination of organisms provides digestive support and overall GI tract stability,” says Oscar Queiroz, PhD, Global Product Manager.

Daily feeding of an effective probiotic product is an excellent choice to ensure that your dairy cattle function normally, that is, to produce milk, to grow calves in their bellies, and to defend themselves from stressful things in their environment. All of that starts with their capacity to get nutrients from their feed, to absorb those nutrients throughout a healthy digestive system, and to reduce the energy-robbing, milk-reducing impact of challenges to their GI tracts.

Strains matter

Not all probiotics are created equal. It is absolutely essential to focus on the strain of the organisms in your probiotic choice. For example, Lactobacillus animalis, strain LA51 is a unique organism with trillions of exact copies that have been fed to dairy cattle for over 20 years. No other Lactobacillus has the same genetics or the same functional characteristics as LA51. The same is true for the other organisms in new BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus. Our understanding of the unique characteristics of microorganisms and, most specifically, those characteristics that impact economically-important factors, is what differentiates Chr. Hansen from our competitors.



Science-based, research-proven

While there are numerous probiotic products available, only a few are truly science-based and research-proven. The four strains used in BOVAMINE® Dairy Plus are the most extensively-researched animal probiotic strains. More than 700 research trials have been conducted, more than 100 abstracts and 65 peer-reviewed articles have been published during the last 25 years.

More information at www.chr-hansen.com

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