Prairie’s Edge Dairy’s 2nd Trident System Installed to Recover NPK Nutrients from Dairy Cow Manure

Trident's agricultural wastewater treatment process offers nutrient recovery benefits to thousands of dairy farmers.

Trident Nutrient Recovery System
The new Trident Nutrient Recovery System at Prairie's Edge's Site-2 Farm recovers nutrients from 3500 cows. (PRNewsfoto/Trident Processes LLC)

"Trident's nutrient recovery process for dairy manure is now installed at a second location at Prairie's Edge Dairy Farms," announced Kerry Doyle, CEO of Trident Processes LLC. "Trident's new cold manure process makes nutrient recovery viable for thousands more dairymen." Trident is the leading company in the US for nutrient recovery technology for agriculture with processes that enable dairy farms to manage their livestock manure more effectively.

"Our system turns a liability into assets," says Doyle. "The concentrated nutrients recovered are ready for precision land application or fertilizer production, and the water sent to the lagoons is clean enough to be irrigated directly through center pivots without clogging."

Prairie's Edge (formerly Fair Oaks Farms) is located on I-65 between Chicago and Indianapolis. The farm is known for its leading role in the industry implementing sustainable technologies and its managers continue to pursue and share their vision of sustainable agriculture.

This is the second Trident nutrient recovery system installed at Prairie's Edge Dairy. The first system was installed in April 2015at Prairie's Edge's 14,000-cow site only a few miles away. It was one of the first successfully implemented wastewater treatment systems on a dairy farm in the US.

Carl Ramsey, Operations Manager at Prairie's Edge Farms, is tasked with managing all the manure for the farm and strongly advocates for advanced nutrient recovery. "Because Trident's system is fully automated our manure is now much easier to handle and manage. It separates the beneficial parts of manure and converts it all into usable byproducts. When you compare the components of milk and manure, it's clear that there is a lot of value in the manure too. Trident's system is allowing us to capitalize on that value, and at the same time reduces our operational costs."

About Trident Processes, LLC. -  Trident Processes, LLC. is an integrated resource recovery company offering proprietary technologies for processing wastewater and sludge. Trident's technologies process and recover valuable components from waste and turn them into valuable commodities for operational and commercial reuse. Trident's equipment and processes are custom developed with solutions for agriculture, municipal and industrial wastewater applications. In 2016 the EPA recognized Trident for its achievements at the EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge. Trident has operational locations in Canada and the USA.