PRO-DAIRY: Dialing into Your Best Dairy Podcast Series

Podcast series with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY. Access the podcasts at:




Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Calves-Birth to Weaning

Available 6.22.20

In this episode, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Alycia Drwencke and Casey Havekes, discuss best management practices for the dairy calf from the time of birth through weaning. Topics include colostrum management, cleanliness, ventilation, housing, plane of nutrition, and weaning strategies.




Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Heifers and Springers

Available 6.29.20

In this episode, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Margaret Quaassdorff and Dave Balbian discuss best management practices for dairy heifers from post-weaning to freshening.  Topics include heifer health and nutrition, growth and breeding targets, housing facilities and ventilation, and incorporation into the milking herd.



Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Don’t be a Heifer Hoarder-Heifer Inventory Management

Available 7.6.20

In this episode we discuss culling policy and inventory management with Rob Lynch, DVM, Dairy Herd Health and Management Specialist, Cornell PRO-DAIRY, and Margaret Quaassdorff, CCE Regional Dairy Specialist.



Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Nutrition and Feeding for the Lactating Cow

Available 7.13.20

This episode features CCE Dairy Specialists Margaret Quaassdorff, Dave Balbian, and Melanie Palmer while they discuss dialing in lactating cows’ nutrition, goals as a feeder of lactating cows, and recommendations from Miner Institute to create the perfect dining experience for our cows.


Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Managing the Lactating Cows’ Environment

Available 7.20.20

In this episode CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Dave Balbian, Betsy Hicks, and Margaret Quaassdorff cover best management practices for lactating dairy cows including ventilation, heat abatement, management through lactation, and time budgets. They also interview a producer on factors to keep in mind for facility design, and the changes he saw in his herd after implementing herd management and facility design strategies.



Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Reproduction, Gestation and the Dry Period

Available 7.27.20

This episode is hosted by CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Alycia Drwencke, Casey Havekes, and Lindsay Ferlito. They discuss management practices during the breeding, gestation and dry cow phases. Topics include feeding and nutrition, body condition score, breeding, time budgets, and behavioral considerations.



Dialing into Your Best Dairy: Pulling it All Together – Management for Record Setting Cows

Available 8.3.20

Dialing into Your Best Dairy concludes with an interview of the owners of Selz-Pralle Dairy, the herd that contains the U.S. milk production record holder Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918 that produced 78,170 pounds of milk in a single 365-day lactation. The Pralles have a whole herd of cows that deserve appreciation as well, and share some of their management strategies to achieve exceptional results. CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Betsy Hicks, Lindsay Ferlito, and Margaret Quaassdorff, wrap up the series in this episode and share where to find contact information and more resources on topics covered in the series.

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