PRO-DAIRY Webinars: April 13-16, 2020


Spanish-Language Training for Farm Workers and Farmers on Coronavirus

April 13 | 6:30 PM EDT

Registration is required and questions can be submitted in advance.

The Cornell Farmworker Program and the Finger Lakes Community Health Clinic are hosting a webinar and Q and A, in Spanish, for farm workers and farmers. Dr. Canario, Medical Director of Finger Lakes Community Health will discuss the coronavirus, what it is, how to protect oneself, and what one should do now. He will also respond to questions submitted in advance. Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell Farmworker Program will moderate the session. Farm employers are encouraged to share this with Spanish-speaking employees, and consider hosting a farm meeting since this will be broadcast via Zoom.



Growing Great People: Training Skills for Dairy Farmers
Become an Effective On-The-Job Trainer

The four hands-on regional training workshops “Growing Great People: Training Skills for Dairy Farmers. Become an Effective On-The-Job Trainer” scheduled in April by Cornell Ag Workforce Development in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension are rescheduled as online webinars.

Separate webinars will be held in English and Spanish:
April 14 – English | 6:30 to 8:00 PM EDT
April 16 – Spanish | 12:00 to 1:30 PM EDT

Participation is free and registration is not required.

The webinars will be recorded and available after the event. In-person trainings conducted simultaneously in English and Spanish will be rescheduled in fall. Effective trainings contribute to success of employees and the farm business. With training employees learn how to best complete their task and why it is important to the farm’s success. When employees have the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to do the job right and understand why it should be done this way it saves time and avoids problems and makes people feel important and involved, which keeps them engaged and reduces employee turnover.



Disruption to Key Personnel on the Farm
Developing Contingency Plans webinar

April 15  | 1:00 to 2:00 PM EDT

This webinar is free but registration is required.

Presented by: Jason Karszes, Dairy Farm Business Management Specialist, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY, and Richard Stup, PhD, Agricultural Workforce Specialist, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Moderated by: Rob Lynch, DVM, Dairy Herd Health and Management Specialist, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

On many farms, multiple people might be able to do, or train others on, many day-to-day tasks, but fewer can take care of management tasks that occur daily, weekly, or monthly. This webinar focuses on developing plans to backup people who perform key management tasks, from middle to senior management roles, if they are unable to work.

Reliable Resources for Spanish- & English-Speaking Farmworkers about COVID-19

By Libby Eiholzer, CCE Northwest NY Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Team, and Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

We’ve prepared a new resource to help Spanish and English-speaking farm employees access credible, multi-lingual information about COVID-19 that they can use right away. The document appears in English and Spanish and the content is the same, we will keep both documents up to date during the present COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Reliable Resources for Farmworkers – Spanish
COVID-19 Reliable Resources for Farmworkers – English

Thanks to Lisa Ford of Cayuga Marketing and Anna Meyerhoff of NYCAMH for their input on this new resource.

Dairy Responding to COVID-19

A Limited Podcast Series​

Hosted by Rob Lynch, DVM, Dairy Herd Health and Management Specialist, PRO-DAIRY, and Kathy Barrett, Dairy Education, PRO-DAIRY, with interviews of key dairy industry professionals. Check the PRO-DAIRY podcast webpage for the latest podcasts.

Most recent podcast:

SPRING 2020 CONTINGENCY PLANNING –  Joe Lawrence, Forage Management Specialist, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY,  discusses field crop management strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other podcasts include:

Dairy Cow Management Webinars in Spanish

Manejo de Vacas Lecheras Seminarios Web en Español- Días Miércoles

These webinars will be presented entirely in Spanish. No registration needed. Recordings will be posted to the website after. Van a presentar estos seminarios web completamente en español. No hay que registrarse. La grabación del seminario estará disponible en el sitio después.

Webinars are held from 12:30 – 1:00 PM on the last Wednesday of the month. Click on the date below to join.
Los seminarios web son a los 12:30 – 1:00 PM en último miércoles del mes. Haga clic en la fecha abajo para unirse.

Milk Quality Part II – Treatment Decision Based on Mastitis Type

Calidad de Leche Parte 2- Decisiones de tratamiento basado en el tipo de mastitis

April 29, 2020 (29 de abril del 2020) | 12:30 to 1:00 PM EDT

Presenter:Dr. Paula Ospina, DVM, PhD

Although mastitis results in changes in milk quality, it is not always caused by the same bugs. Treatment and management decisions should reflect these differences. This webinar will focus on the differences in treatment and management practices based on mastitis type (environmental vs. contagious).

Aunque la mastitis siempre resulta en cambios en la calidad de leche, no es siempre causada por las mismas bacterias. Decisiones de tratamiento y manejo deben de tener esto en cuenta. Este entrenamiento enfocará en las diferencias en tratamiento y manejo basado en el tipo de mastitis (del medio ambiente vs. contagiosas).

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