Productivity, profitability focus of upcoming school

Soil Health Consultants

Increasing productivity, profitability focus of upcoming regenerative farming, ranching school


The school’s instructors, Ray Archuleta, Dave Brandt, Gabe Brown and Allen Williams, Ph.D., are widely considered to be among the most preeminent pioneers, innovators and advocates in today’s soil health and regenerative agricultural movement.

“Attendees will attain an understanding of how, by focusing on improved soil function, they can lower their dependence on synthetic production inputs, which will allow them to put more money in their pockets,” Ray Archuleta said. “Returning vibrancy to the soil produces substantially better net profit per acre and greater opportunities for successful succession,” he said.


“In short, healthier soil leads to healthier bottom lines,” Archuleta said. “Soil Health Academy school participants often realize more than a 20:1 return on investment by implementing the principles taught, just within the first year.”

According to Archuleta, Soil Health Academy courses and activities focus on helping attendees understand and integrate ecological principles (bio-mimicry) that can be applied practically and profitably in any farming or ranching operation.

“Through the Soil Health Academy’s hands-on learning experience, our goal is to help usher in a new era of regenerative agriculture that will result in healthier, nutrient-dense food and more productive, profitable and resilient farms,” he said. “And regardless of where you farm, if you have soil, regenerative agriculture can work for you.”

“The Chico Regenerative Ag Initiative is excited to host the first Soil Health Academy workshop in California,” CSU Professor Cynthia Daley, Ph.D. said, “We encourage California’s agricultural producers to come and learn from the very best in the soil health community.”

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