Promote Fresh Cow Health with RumiLife® M Drench™ Nutritional Supplement

GENEX now offers RumiLife® M Drench™ nutritional supplement, a ready-to-use oral electrolyte for beef and dairy cattle.

RumiLife® M Drench™ nutritional supplement is an oral supplement specifically formulated for the post-fresh cow. The product provides bioavailable sources of nutrients to promote fresh cow health during the transition period. The supplement includes calcium propionate and calcium chloride as highly available forms of calcium. It also includes magnesium sulfate for replenishing magnesium and regulating calcium; potassium, chloride and sodium for electrolyte replacement; glycine for optimal electrolyte absorption; and dextrose for added energy.

“The product works to replenish calcium to help the onset of milk and colostrum production,” states Liz Binversie, GENEX Herd Care Line Advisor. “It also provides a source of electrolytes which are necessary for regulating the amount of fluids throughout the body, which affect cellular function, blood volume and blood pressure.”

RumiLife® M Drench™ nutritional supplement comes in a 0.5 lb. bag. Producers can mix one bag to five gallons of water or two bags to 10 gallons of water per cow daily, up to three days.

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