Providing students with the experiences they love and need – COVID-19 approved

Minerva Dairy

Earlier this month, America’s oldest family-owned dairy farm, Minerva Dairy, let local high school students in on some of the family secrets of their nationwide butter brand. Adam Mueller and Venae Watts, siblings and fifth-generation farmers at the popular creamery, chatted with students about their brand and operations in a live Zoom meeting. Would you be interested in talking with them to learn more about how family-owned businesses like theirs are reaching out to consumers during these socially distant times?

In this “virtual field trip,” Adam and Venae, both parents themselves, wanted to offer a fun and educational experience to students while remaining safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Students from Minerva High School joined virtually and engaged with the Minerva Dairy team, getting to ask questions and discuss the history of Minerva Dairy, and the unique challenges and joys of running a creamery that sends products across the whole country.

Check out the photos below of the event—students were able to engage with the Minerva Dairy team and ask any questions they wanted to have answered in a safe, socially distanced manner. By creating a fun adventure for students during a time where extracurricular activities are so rare, Minerva Dairy created a lasting memory and unique experience for these high school students. Some may want to go into the industry themselves or start a business of their own doing another activity. And the creamery was able to connect with the public in a time when it’s hard to nurture important consumer relationships.

Minerva Dairy has plans for additional meetings in the future with other students from different schools and universities. The brand learned numerous lessons for connecting with the public in this challenging time. Would you be interested in connecting with Minerva Dairy to chat further about this outreach initiative, and what other businesses can do to reach consumers and community members in similar ways?

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