Purdue: National Conference for Food and Agribusiness

November 6-7, 2018

Conference Overview

The National Conference for Food and Agribusiness brings together professionals from across the agri-food system to gain industry and business insights, network and discover solutions to today's challenges. The goal of the conference is to help agricultural and food businesses shape their organizations and customer interactions for optimal success.


The conference is held over two days. The first day is classroom and discussion, while the second day is workshops and active learning. Participants may opt to attend just day one or both days, but will ultimately gain the most benefit from attending both.

Conference Content

Recent studies conducted by the center show that farms are getting larger, generational shift is happening in farm business, and new buying processes are taking place. Similar change is happening in the agri-food industries with consolidations and a new generation of sales professionals coming into the marketplace. In addition, many businesses are implementing e-commerce strategies.


Faculty at the Center for Food and Agricultural Business know that industry professionals are facing new challenges that have direct impacts on buidling and developing trusted business relationships. Trust and transparency are critical factors in defining success in today's agri-food market. The 2018 National Conference for Food and Agribusiness is constructed to address the challenges and issues the industry faces today.

The conference will focus on the following topic areas:

  • Do relationships still matter?
  • Trust in agribusiness supply chain
  • E-commerce in agribusiness
  • Transparency in the current market
  • Negotiation strategies: Win-win bargaining

Day One

Attend several sessions, including the opening keynote, presentations, panel discussions and activities in an interactive environment. Speakers, researchers and farmer guests will provide insights and solutions for overcoming industry issues. Engage in one-on-one and small group discussions with speakers and other attendees.

Day Two

Participate in hands-on professional workshops facilitated by faculty members and subject-matter experts. These interactive trainings introduce you to new concepts and strategies and encourage you to investigate and implement them. Develop specific skills and gain valuable takeaways that are immediately applicable in day-to-day business.

Key Benefits

At this conference, you will:

  • Explore current issues and challenges facing the agri-food industry.
  • Discuss recent research discoveries relevant to trust and business relationships.
  • Gain valuable skills and tools through interactive workshops.
  • Interact with farmers, speakers, top researchers and top-tier undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Network with industry peers, connect with colleagues and share best practices.
  • Present your ideas and working projects to industry peers for feedback and insights.
  • Expand your knowledge in a new environment with exposure to a variety of viewpoints and ideas.

Who should attend?

This conference serves all facets of the agri-food system, including crop and livestock inputs, equipment manufacturers and dealers, banking institutions, food processors, universities and more. Participants come from a wide range of professions, including agronomy, sales, marketing, management, market intelligence, executive positions and more.

We strongly encourage attendance in teams, as past participants have stated they see the greatest benefit when sharing the experience with colleagues. However, individuals are welcome too.

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Want to know what this year’s National Conference for Food and Agricultural Business entails? Join Dr. Mike Gunderson, Director of The Center for Food and Agricultural Business as he talks about how this year’s conference switches things up.