Raw milk risk management

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm

Full-day OEFFA Conference Food and Farm School class

Are you considering offering raw milk to your customers? Learn how to produce it safely with the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI).

This full-day OEFFA conference training focuses on the benefits of raw milk, grass-to-glass identification of risks, development of a risk management plan, and lessons learned from other raw milk dairies. This training has been shown to reduce outbreaks and illnesses, increase safety, and lower insurance costs.

Speakers include Mark McAfee, RAWMI Chairman and Owner of Organic Pastures Dairy in California; Sarah Smith, RAWMI Director and Board Secretary; Joseph Heckman, PhD, RAWMI Director and Professor of Soil Science at Rutgers University; and Edwin Shank, owner of The Family Cow dairy in Pennsylvania.

Register ($50 members, $75 non-members) by February 8 at www.oeffa.org/conference2021.

On February 10, the OEFFA conference will also feature two other Food and Farm School classes: The Soil Food Web: Structure and Function and Happy Pigs Taste Better, in addition to a free session, Make More Money by Investing in Soil Health. Although sessions run currently, each will be recorded for on-demand viewing through March 31. Register for multiple sessions and choose what you join live or watch later. Who says you can’t be two (or three!) places at once?!

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