Red Wing Software Releases CenterPoint® Version 15.16

Red Wing Software

Form 1099-NEC, Dashboard Charts & Graphs, and File Attachments to Orders/Invoices

Red Wing Software has released CenterPoint version 15.16 for all CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll products. Support for the new Form 1099-NEC is available, charts and graphs can be added to the dashboard, and files attached to invoices and sales orders can be included when emailed. These features and many more were added in version 15.16 for CenterPoint products.

For customers requiring what has traditionally been a Form 1099-MISC for non-employee compensation, the new Form 1099-NEC is supported in CenterPoint version 15.16. For easy viewing of charts and graphs, a new feature allows users to add data from reports or the Ratios module to the customizable CenterPoint dashboard. Also new in version 15.16 is the ability to include files attached to a customer Invoice or sales order to be included as attachments when the invoice or sales order is emailed to their customers. Users can decide per attached file, whether it is emailed or not.

Other helpful features:

CenterPoint Accounting products:

  • Customer lookup by invoice number: Customers may now be looked up by invoice number, helpful in instances where the customer’s check does not have the same name as is stored in CenterPoint.
  • Lock periods by company: Periods may now be locked per company, helpful for users with multiple companies in the same database with different fiscal years.
  • Cash Basis Reports (Business Accounting only): A predefined user-defined report is now available for cash basis reporting, making it easier for users to get a cash basis Income Statement and Balance Sheet in CenterPoint Accounting (Business Accounting only).

CenterPoint Payroll:

  • ACH payments for payroll liability vendors:
    A new option that allows payments for payroll liabilities to be sent to vendors via ACH.
  • Earnings: When adding a new earning, users are now prompted to add it to employees of their choosing automatically. A simplified way of adding existing earnings to multiple employees has also been added.
  • CenterPoint Payroll Time Clock – Tip Management: Tips can now easily be managed within the CenterPoint Payroll Time Clock. Employees can now enter their cash tips when they clock out, and the tips are imported into CenterPoint Payroll as timesheets. This significantly reduces the time needed to manage tips for those using the CenterPoint Payroll Time Clock, as there is no need to manually collect and enter tips amounts from employees.
  • Employee Deductions, Benefits, Taxes Overridden report: This new report tracks which taxes, deductions, or benefit amounts were changed on a pay run.

“CenterPoint version 15.16 has many new features customers will find useful in streamlining business processes, and with the ability to add charts and graphs to the dashboard, users will have the data most important to them right at their fingertips,” said Cori Palmer, Red Wing Software Quality Assurance Analyst.

Customers can view a full list of what’s new in version 15.16 by visiting

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