Red Wing Software Releases CenterPoint Version 15

Red Wing

Document attachments and time clock enhancements

Red Wing Software has released CenterPoint version 15 for all CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll products. An easy way for attaching documents to records has been added in CenterPoint Accounting and CenterPoint Payroll. In CenterPoint Time Clock, an Employee Status screen allows supervisors to view employee status/details, and time clock settings allow employers to limit employee log in to within a set of GPS coordinates.



Documents such as credit applications, W-9 forms, sales tax exemption forms, and more can now be attached to customers, vendors, and name records within CenterPoint Accounting products, and documents such as W-4 forms, employment applications, disciplinary reports, performance reviews, and more can now be attached to employee records in CenterPoint Payroll. Documents are attached by scanning, dragging and dropping existing files from a computer or by selecting an existing file from a computer. File attachments can be stored in a newly released user-definable repository location on a local computer or network, or they can continue to be saved to the database like before. Files are encrypted so they can only be viewed from within CenterPoint. The addition of this feature ensures that crucial documents are readily available when needed.
The CenterPoint Time Clock has also been enhanced in version 15. Employers now have the option to limit employee clock in/out to within a specific GPS coordinate radius. Another addition to the CenterPoint Time Clock is the ability for employees who work in multiple departments to have their time managed by the appropriate department supervisor. A new Employee Status screen displays all employees a supervisor is responsible for and their current status/detail: In, Out, or on Leave. From this screen, a supervisor can perform the following functions for a group or individual employees: clock in/out, add time, or display a map that shows the GPS clock in/out location.



“At Red Wing Software, we are always trying to help businesses increase efficiency and improve processes by using our software,” says Mike Zielski, Red Wing Software Project Manager. “The CenterPoint Version 15 updates include changes that will help businesses gain better control over their activities and organize documents in a better way.”
Red Wing Software, Inc., along with its nationwide network of business partners, offers industry-leading service, as well as training, on-site installation and implementation of the software. Their vision is “Creating the best management software experience”.
Red Wing Software, Inc. develops, integrates and supports the accounting and financial management needs of small- to mid-sized businesses, agribusinesses, non-profits, and municipals across North America. For more information on Red Wing Software products, including CenterPoint Accounting, CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture, CenterPoint Fund Accounting, CenterPoint Payroll, CenterPoint Depreciation, and Red Wing Tax Forms, call 1-800-732-9464 or visit


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