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Join dozens of dairy families that are pioneering world-leading achievements in sustainable dairy farm practices at the inaugural Dairy Sustainability Summit. Learn ways for dairy farmers to continue improving environmental sustainability, develop new business opportunities, and reduce on-farm costs.

Day 1

Dairy’s Role in Advancing California’s Sustainability Objectives

Panel Topics

Consumption with a Conscience: The New Playing Field for Food Brands
Dive into dairy consumption trends and retail markets, including a discussion on increased consumer interest in the environmental impacts of food choices—from farm to table.

Dairy’s Role in a Healthy & Sustainable Diet
Explore nutrition in the context of sustainable food production, green eating (including the concept of plant-based eating), and the appropriate balance between the nutrition needs of people and the stewardship of our planet’s resources.

Planet-Smart Dairy: California Leading the World
California dairy farmers are world leaders in sustainable farming practices. Discover how dairy farmers are partnering to enhance water supply/quality, improve air quality, and protect our climate, while continually working to ensure the best possible animal care.

Encouraging Sustainable Food Production: A Workable Regulatory Approach
Using past achievements as a guide, panelists will discuss the appropriate role of regulatory versus voluntary, incentive-based actions to improve sustainability. Looking ahead, regulatory and dairy industry leaders will strategize about how to ensure the sustainability of California’s dairy farms, while advancing environmental protections.

Day 2

Strategies and Tools to Advance Sustainability, Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Expo Hall

  • Connect with technology and service suppliers that can help the dairy industry reduce its environmental footprint
  • Discover new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Understand available financial incentives and grant opportunities

Session Topics

  • Automation Invasion: Robotic Systems & Increasing Milk Parlor Efficiency
  • Money from Manure? New Efforts to Create Markets (and Profits)
  • Funding Opportunities Available from USDA, CDFA, CEC & SJVAPCD
  • The Next Generation of Dairy Digesters: Electricity, Transportation Fuel & Beyond
  • Every Employee Matters: Selecting, Engaging & Retaining Employees
  • Cleaning the Air While Reducing Costs
  • Water Quality Challenges & Opportunities
  • Manage Rising Costs Through Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Manure Application, Nutrient Use Efficiency, & Strategies for Healthy Soils
  • Can Feed Additives Reduce Methane & Improve a Dairy’s Bottom Line?
  • Conserving Water Using Drip Irrigation
  • Optimizing Cow Health & Comfort
  • Setting Your Genetic Strategy
  • Manure Outside the Box: Cool Ideas, But Can They Pay Off?

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