Registration, Sponsorships and Hotel Open 2020 Southwest Nutrition Conference

Southwest Nutrition Conference

February 5th-7th, 2020

JOIN US IN Chandler, Arizona


Wednesday, February 6th, 2020 2:00-5:00pm
Feed Program Software Session
Learn & Train how to use Feed Programs on dairies.

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“Chemical Foundations of the Metal Amino Acid Complex”-Dr. Cory Kending 
“One-carbon Metabolism during the Transition Period: Linking Nutritional Physiology with Performance and Health” –Dr. Juan Loor
“Prevention of Lameness from a Nutritional Point of View”-Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit
“Using Whole Farm Efficiencies to Discover Increased Milk Margin Despite Challenging Economic Times”-Dr. Mike Brouk




“How is the 2019 Corn Silage Going to Feed”- Dr. John Goeser
“Dietary Protein and Troubleshooting Low Milk Protein”- Dr. Ranga Appuhamy
“New Insights into Dietary Protein” –Dr. Mike VandeHaar
“Feed and Animal Factors Effecting Feed Intake”-Dr. Mike Allen 
“How’s a Nutritionist to Decide on All of the Different By-Pass Products?”- Dr. Adam Lock
“The High Fertility Cycle – How BCS Changes Affect Fertility”- Dr. Paul Fricke 
“Strategies to Modulate the Immune System in Early Lactation to Maximize Transition Cow Performance”- Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho
“Feeding Dairy Calves and Heifers to Maximize Future Productivity and Profitability”- Dr. Bob Corbett
“Re-Evaluating Transition Cow Hypophagia, Subclinical Hypocalcemia and Hyperketonemia”- Dr. Lance Baumgard 



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