Resources to help effectively manage BRD


Consult these resources to more effectively manage bovine respiratory disease

Managing bovine respiratory disease effectively involves implementing vaccination and treatment protocols, but there is more that can help lay the foundation for success. Daniel Scruggs, managing veterinarian with Zoetis, recommends the following resources — like this cost calculator that can show you how the right treatment can save your operation more — as a great place to start.

1. Local veterinary and nutritionist professionals. There is a big difference in how high-risk 300-pound calves are handled in Florida compared with the same class of cattle in Wyoming, so local professional expertise is a cattle producer’s most valuable resource. Local professionals who understand the regional and seasonal conditions and type of cattle being managed can help formulate programs that best minimize health challenges and the impacts of BRD.

2. Diagnostic laboratory. With BRD, it’s crucial to know what you’re dealing with. A diagnostic laboratory, with local professional interpretation, can help identify which set of infectious agents are the most relevant and what other complicating conditions might make BRD more severe and less responsive to typical treatment. This information can guide changes in receiving programs and treatment programs, as well as identify improvements so common prevention and treatment tools have a chance to work better.

3. Comparative vaccine studies. BRD prevention is generally far more cost-effective than disease treatment. Published comparative studies in production settings can guide choices in vaccination programs to help deliver the highest levels of protection against disease-causing respiratory pathogens. Dr. Scruggs recommends reviewing the results of the following studies:



4. Treatment comparison chart. Even with good management and well-planned vaccination programs, BRD is still likely to occur at some level. When BRD needs to be treated, effectiveness trumps all other considerations. This comparison chart can help evaluate and compare labels for the right treatment option, including which bacterial pathogens each product treats or controls, duration and withdrawal times, and more.

Hear more from Dr. Scruggs on how to manage BRD more effectively as well as get links to additional resources here.

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