Rice Dairy Risk Services Expands Digital Offering as Dairy Revenue Protection Enters Second Year

A new crop year for Dairy Revenue Protection begins July 1, 2019, and Rice Dairy Risk Services has introduced an all-new online portal that allows users to see all of their Dairy Revenue Protection endorsements in a single location. The company has also implemented new daily text alerts to keep dairy producers up-to-date on current Dairy Revenue Protection quotes, and has enhanced its online Dairy Revenue Protection calculator to provide greater speed without sacrificing accuracy.

“The new crop year gives dairy producers the only opportunity they’ll have in the next 12 months to transfer Dairy Revenue Protection coverage to another approved insurance provider,” says Ryan Yonkman, vice president, Rice Dairy Risk Services. “We’ve built the most dairy-centric, intelligence-driven interface that gives producers the information they need to make the best decisions for their milk insurance now and in the future.”

The new portal simplifies policy review and organization by bringing all endorsements into a single interface. This includes easy sorting of endorsements to make clear what is covered, and for what time period. It also allows users to see what expected indemnity payouts or costs will be as the system re-prices daily based on futures market changes or yield updates.

Additional enhancements include:

  • New daily texts with Dairy Revenue Protection quotes — created based on user demand to be kept up to date each day as the market moves.
  • A faster quote calculator that gives users the data they need faster without losing any accuracy.
  • Access to more dairy-specific content and information in a single interface than any other approved insurance provider.

For more information, or to get your own Dairy Revenue Protection quote, visit RiceDairyRS.com.

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