Compelling marketing programs, advertising, partnerships and dealer network development; ROXOR amps up for the new model year

Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) has boosted its new ROXOR off-road vehicle brand presence since its launch 18 months ago with compelling marketing programs, advertising and dealer network development.

As it enters its third model year, the company is launching new model changes to the ROXOR that will appeal to the diverse customer base the brand has attracted. New programs, model changes and all-new accessories will be ready for dealer orders mid-November 2019. Steady sales growth numbers have been posted leading into the fall hunting season and the company expects the momentum to continue into 2020. In addition, MANA continues to get such a strong commercial interest for the vehicle, that a new commercial fleet team is being built to penetrate this lucrative market.

“We are extremely pleased with the success we are seeing with ROXOR,” stated Rick Haas, CEO, Mahindra Automotive North America. “Our first year has been successful largely due to our premium network of ROXOR dealers who continue to be very supportive of our plan. We’ve worked together to clear out inventories making way for the new 2020 product, and I am confident our dealers will be excited with what is coming in November,” he concluded.

Mahindra Automotive North America has made several bold moves in their partnerships with Justin Moore and NASCAR. ROXOR is the title sponsor for all 50+ shows of Justin Moore’s Late Night & Longnecks Tour spanning North America this fall and into 2020. The company has several partnerships with NASCAR properties throughout the US with product displays, demos and various other activations and these tracks have purchased almost $1M in ROXORs and Mahindra tractors. These are only the beginning; MANA is on the trail to develop more brand-building partnerships in 2020.



The company also announced recently a plan to build a new manufacturing plant to accommodate a potential contract with the United States Postal Service. Mahindra is one of five finalists to build a fleet of rugged delivery vehicles. The historic Buick City site, in Flint Michigan, is one of several sites under consideration by the company.

For model year 2020, dealers and customers can expect to see new optional features and accessories, such as an industry first factory-installed lift kit, an all-new grill design, and four new standard color options. With ROXOR offering complete customization, the configurations are endless with the amount of optional features, accessories and colors.

For more information on the new ROXOR, visit and follow ROXOR on social media via and @roxoroffroad on Twitter and Instagram.



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