Rumiano Cheese Debuts Performance Line, Ghee + Regenerative Butter

2019 marks Rumiano Cheese Company’s 100th year, making it the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. We’re kicking off our centennial year with the launch of a brand new performance product line designed to boost energy and cognitive performance. We will be introducing Grass-Fed Ghee and Regenerative Butter:

  • Rumiano Grass-Fed Ghee, available in three flavors: plain, turmeric black pepper, and honey, is made from organic, highly-clarified, grass-fed butter. Each flavor-infused ghee is packed with vitamins, nutrients and healing properties.
  • Rumiano Regenerative Butter is a pure, organic, grass-fed butter that boosts energy, focus and brain function. The nutrient-dense butter is infused with functional and detoxifying ingredients including Lion’s Mane Mushroom, collagen and MCT oil to reduce inflammation, to improve joint health and to increase nutrient absorption. The regenerative product can be added to coffee, tea and smoothies, spread on snacks, or eaten directly from the jar.

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