SE Dairy Stewardship Program – Calf care/welfare meetings

The first module of the Southeast Dairy Stewardship Program will be held in Okeechobee, FL, on April 25 and in Valdosta, GA on April 26. A flyer for the Okeechobee meeting is attached.


Mission statement: The purpose of the Southeast Dairy Stewardship Program (SDSP) is to provide up to date training of dairy producers, managers, herdsmen, veterinarians, and consultants in areas relevant to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Additionally the SDSP will provide an open forum for Southeast dairymen to share their experiences and debate about new strategies pertinent to animal welfare, health, and performance and to resources’ management. The SDSP is an initiative of the University of Florida in collaboration with the Southeast Milk Inc. and with support from the National Milk Producers Federation.

Audience: Dairy producers, managers, herdsmen, veterinarians, and consultants

ers, managers, herdsmen, veterinarians, and consultantsDescription: The Southeast Dairy Stewardship Program is a 24 h training program divided in 6 modules that will be delivered in a period of 20 months (meetings every 4 months). The SDSP modules will be offered in Okeechobee, FL and Valdosta, GA.


Modules’ and tentative dates:

Module 1 – New developments in replacement rearing: Welfare and economic implications (April 25th and 26th)

3:00 – Welcome: Colleen Larson

3:10 – The success of first lactation is dictated by events that happen early in life (Jud Heinrich, Penn State)

4:00 –Nutritional considerations to improve health, performance, and welfare of postweaned calves (José Santos, Univ. of Florida)

4:50 – Coffee break

5:20 – New developments in housing of dairy calves to improve welfare and performance (Ricardo Chebel, Univ. of Florida)

6:10 – Producer panel: Strategies for raising dairy calves in Florida (Claus Haaren – BrooksCo dairy; Lindsey Rucks – Milking R Inc.)

7:00 – Sponsored dinner

8:00 – Adjourn

Future modules (time and place to be announced later):

Module 2 – Lameness

Module 3 – Cow comfort

Module 4 – Communication/Human resource/Leadership

Module 5 – Record keeping/SOP/VCPR

Module 6 – Environmental stewardship

For more information, contact:

Ricardo C. Chebel
Weeks’ Endowed Associate Professor
College of Veterinary Medicine & Department of Animal Science
University of Florida
PO Box 100136
Gainesville, FL 32610-0136
Office: 352-294-4303