Select Sires to Award Three Research Grants

Select Sires

For more than four decades, Select Sires Inc. has supported research efforts to benefit the dairy and beef industries through the Competitive Research Grants Program. Overseen by the cooperative’s board of directors, the intent and overall goals of this program have remained largely unchanged since its inception.



“We hope that this program continues to allow for the dissemination of novel research to collectively benefit agriculture, train future scientists for public and private settings and positively impact the production and efficiency of the cattle industries,” says Bo Harstine, Ph.D, director of research at Select Sires Inc.

The principle investigators of the three proposals selected for funding in 2020 are Mark Hanigan, Ph.D., Jordan Thomas, Ph.D., Pedro Fontes, Ph.D. and Tomer Avidor-Reiss, Ph.D.

  • Hanigan
    is a professor in the dairy science department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His research project is titled, “A system to assess feeding efficiency on commercial robotic dairies.”
  • Thomas and Fontes will collaborate as co-investigators on their proposal titled, “Enhancing control of the estrous cycle among Bos indicus-influenced beef cows.” Thomas is an assistant extension professor in the animal sciences department at the University of Missouri, while Fontes is an assistant professor at the University of Georgia’s animal and dairy science department.
  • Avidor-Reiss is a professor in the department of biological science and the department of urology at the University of Toledo. His research project is titled, “Molecular markers for centriole remodeling in bovine reproduction.”

Select Sires Inc. congratulates these esteemed recipients of the Competitive Research Grants Program. As an active member of the scientific and agricultural communities, Select Sires Inc. designates resources to fund basic and applied research in academic settings for the advancement of cattle reproduction and genetics. Throughout the previous decades, the findings from these studies have allowed Select Sires to better serve customer-owners and ultimately, ensure the success of dairy and beef producers around the world.



Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is the largest global A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled local organizations in the United States. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen, as well as excellence in service and programs to supply dairy and beef producers with the world’s best genetics.

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