Sentera Announces Limited-Time Price Promotion on Mavic 2 Pro/PHX Combo Package

Save over $4,000 on this special package when ordered in 2019

Sentera is excited to announce a limited-time price promotion for two of its most popular crop scouting solutions, packaged with everything you need to maximize yield, sustainability and profitability in the 2020 growing season.



Through December 31, save 30% off MSRP when you purchase the Power User Pro Package. This limited-time promotional pricing makes it easy for you to gain actionable, field-edge agronomic insights next season, while using your 2019 budget. It has never been easier or more affordable to integrate in-season, whole field, real-time data insights with this powerful package, which includes the following:

Endless capabilities with FieldAgent
Sentera’s FieldAgent platform is a complete agricultural data and analytics solution that’s with you wherever you are – in the field or office. Coupled with data from Sentera’s ag sensors, satellite imagery, weather data and more, FieldAgent takes you into meaningful, actionable crop health data that provides economic value. Beyond all the traditional crop health indices, FieldAgent supports advanced analytics that includes:

  • Plant Population Mapping: The population analytics tool delivers plant count per unit area in a field so users can take immediate in-season action. Results are delivered in a color-coded map in an easy-to-use format. Reported in plants-per-acre (PPA), this analysis gives an accurate measurement of plants in a field. Field Agent provides whole field analysis capabilities with typically 100X the number of samples that you might get from manual field scouting. FieldAgent supports population mapping of corn, soybeans, potatoes, and other row crops.
  • Weed Pressure Mapping: FieldAgent’s weed maps use computer vision and machine learning technology to accurately identify location and density of weeds. FieldAgent transforms the results into a color-coded map, giving an exact snapshot of weed pressure and location in a field.
  • Tassel Count Mapping: New for the 2020 growing season, FieldAgent’s tassel count maps allow you to develop more accurate yield estimates based on our whole field sampling methodology.

Pricing and Availability
The Power User Pro Package is available today for $11,999 – including the drones, sensors, batteries, rugged hard cases, FieldAgent and analytics subscriptions – plus everything else needed for meaningful, actionable crop health data.

The Power User Pro Package is available for order now.

To purchase or receive more information, please contact our sales department at 1-844-SENTERA (844-736-8372),, or submit your contact information here.

Sentera is the global technology leader for in-season data, analytics and insights for growers, deployed at scale. Sentera’s products make it easy for users to integrate in-field data insights with the digital ag platforms in use by more than 80 percent of the growers in North America. Sentera’s equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world, and processes hundreds of terabytes of new data for its customers every year. For more information, visit

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