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Nov 13, Fennimore; Nov 14, Eau Claire; Nov 15, Chilton

General Session

The Salmonella Heidelberg Problem – Dr. Donald Sockett

Smart bugs are getting smarter and stronger. Learn from the industry’s number-one expert on this dreaded calf disease that challenges calves and caretakers alike. Dr. Sockett will discuss the limitations of currently used best practices to control Salmonella Heidelberg, particularly for dairy and beef operations. In addition, he’ll share insights on this super bug’s motive as well as strategies you can implement to take control and get ahead of this killer.

Breakout Sessions (Participants will rotate through all 3)

Clean and disinfect…Get it done. And get it right Dr. Donald Sockett

Dr. Sockett will demonstrate how to properly clean and disinfect by removing the biofilm on equipment and facilities where bacteria hides. During the session, you’ll verify the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure in real time with an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) meter.

Calf necropsies: Get under their skin – Dr. Richard Wallace

Dr. Wallace will guide you through the inside of the calf. Discover what affects a calf under the hide and how to manage and care for the youngest in your herd. Setting the stage for healthy digestive and respiratory systems for your calves, this hands-on lab will clarify proper and improper vaccinating approaches, proper drug-injection techniques and proper tubing of calves.

Rumen development: Growing the calf from the inside out –

Dr. Jud Heinrichs

In an extensive lab, Dr. Jud Heinrichs will show you firsthand how calf rations and feeding strategies impact rumen development and growth. Necropsies will give you a close-up look at how calves appear inside after receiving all milk; all milk with grain; and mostly milk with grain. You’ll also see how colostrum and milk are digested inside the calf so IgG antibodies are absorbed. Calf anatomy, physiology and deeper insights into the economics of calf feeding… it’s all here.

Your Conference Presenters

Donald Sockett, DVM PhD, Diplomate ACVIM

is a Veterinary Microbiologist/Epidemiologist at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at University of Wisconsin. Previously he was the ruminant species epidemiologist at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.

Richard Wallace, DVM

is a Cattle Technical Service veterinarian for Zoetis, specializing in dairy. He previously served as a faculty member at University of Illinois as Dairy Extension Veterinarian, and faculty coordinator and dairy farm manager for the university’s dairy cattle research center.

Jud Heinrichs, PhD

is Professor of Dairy and Animal Science at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Heinrichs has authored over 135 journal articles and book chapters as well as many extension publications, primarily in the area of dairy replacements and forages.

You can call 800.947.7379 to register.

Registration Fee: $125/member and $250/non-member (Only $75 for each additional participant from same dairy.) Registration fee covers workshop, materials and lunch.

Registration: 9:00 am

General Session: 9:30 am

Workshop concludes 4:15 p.m.


Tuesday, Nov 13

Southwest Tech College

Lenz Center 1800 Bronson Blvd 

Fennimore, Wis.

Wednesday, Nov 14

Chippewa Valley Tech College

Energy Education Center 4000 Campus Road Eau Claire, Wis.

Thursday, Nov 15

Fox Valley Tech College

Chilton Regional Center 1200 E. Chestnut St. Chilton, Wis.

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