Sign your dairy up today for Lecheros Unidos de California!

Lecheros Unidos de California (LUC) is a new Spanish Language initiative created by WUD to emphasize
the advantages of working for dairy families in California. Better wages, competive pay, permanent
and year-round opportunity, and a family environment –particularly to women - are a key focus
of this new program. The goal of this program is to connect with the communities we serve and inform
the dairy employees and their families on issues they care about. Our fight for survival needs to
be their fight for survival.

Developing a truly connected dairy community is something we will all benefit from, and foster a
sense of trust with our would-be employees. As WUD develops a new visa program for would-be
dairy employees, along with enhancing our current access to DACA recipients, enrollment in this program
will be critical for those dairy families seeking future labor resources.

LUC will provide DACA services, training, and immigration status updates to all Lecheros, DMV driver’s
license education–all free to participants. LUC will also offer direct access to the Consulado General
De Mexico in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, to more timely resolve outstanding status issues
with our employees. LUC has contracted with La Bamba, Radio Lobo, Univision, and Telemundo
to promote the services of the new organization.

Included as part of your membership, LUC is designed by the Board of Western United Dairymen and
will be a future labor hub to all dairy families. To enroll yourself, your employees, their families, and
their communities, please make sure you contact your field representative or the WUD office. All you
need to do is provide us with the name of your dairy. If you are seeking to expand your employee
pool, the number of future employees you need would be appreciated. If you would like to be placed
on a future email list for LUC, please send an email to