Size Matters: Why We Love to Hate Big Food

New Book Navigates the Radical Disruption in Today’s Food System

Earning consumer trust in this era of rapid change and tribal communications requires a look back at how we got here and a new approach, as outlined in the new book Size Matters: Why We Love to Hate Big Food. Author Charlie Arnot is a recognized food system thought leader, founder and president of Look East, and CEO of The Center for Food Integrity.


The book explores why consumers are increasingly skeptical and critical of today’s food system, despite food being safer, more affordable and more available than at any time in human history. As the chasm widens, Arnot explains that the food system must navigate a delicate balance between being responsive to consumer preferences and producing food in a sustainable manner that protects people, animals and the planet.

“We’re living in an era of unprecedented disruption in food and agriculture,” said Arnot, “There is increasing consumer backlash against the consolidation, integration and application of technology that led to food being safer, more available and more affordable. That backlash is creating opportunity for innovators and pushing traditional farms and food companies to look for new ways to build consumer trust.”


The book provides insights into the origins of consumer mistrust, what can be done to restore it and the remarkable changes taking place on farms and in food companies, supermarkets and restaurants every day as technology and consumer demand drive radical change. Arnot introduces specific trust-building strategies in the book to empower those in food and agriculture to address some of the most pressing challenges. The book highlights case studies and examples that help to tell the story of the pressures and perspectives, successes and failures, predictions and pathways forward for the food system.

“Food production has more impact on the environment than any other human activity. The impact of diet on health is both a personal and public health challenge globally, and consumers are increasingly making their purchasing decisions based on their values and social impact,” Arnot said.  “It’s never been more important for food and agriculture to deliver innovative solutions to address these important challenges. But those solutions will only be accepted if they are trusted.  Whether a large multi-national company, or an innovative start-up, building trust is essential to both a profitable business and finding global solutions.”

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