SomaDetect Begins Early Adopter Installations at Cornell University

SomaDetect is pleased to announce it has begun installations of its Version 2 in-line milk monitoring system at Cornell University to further develop its groundbreaking automated in-line milk monitoring system. This installation is the first of 28 the team will be conducting over the next four months.

This installation follows a successful 7-month commercial validation and data collection study at Cornell University where the system showed promising results in detecting somatic cell counts, reproductive markers, protein, fat, and other milk quality and health indicators in real time.

“We are incredibly excited to begin our first installations of this version of our sensor; this marks a significant milestone for our company. We have successfully manufactured our first sensors at scale and are excited to be installing them on 28 dairy farms across New York, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Over the next six months, our algorithms will get better and better, and we will be working to maximize the value and benefits of this technology for our dairy farmers. I am incredibly proud of our entire team and thankful of the support we receive from the dairy community that has made this possible,” says Bethany Deshpande, CEO of SomaDetect.

With this installation, SomaDetect begins its early adopter program, via which the company will work alongside its 28 early adopter farms to complete product development, build case studies and improve the system for the entire industry.

SomaDetect is the world’s premier machine learning and artificial intelligence company in dairy. SomaDetect provides real-time, automated analysis of milk quality without any addition of chemicals or consumables. The company measures every compound of interest in raw milk, enabling farmers to identify issues early, manage reproduction, reduce unnecessary antibiotic usage, and ensure that only the highest-quality milk makes it into bulk milk supplies. Founded in 2016, SomaDetect provides dairy farmers with information about herd health and milk quality, where and when they need it most. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact Jimy Beltran, Business Operations Assistant: ; (506) 259-2801

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