ST Genetics Spared So Far by Hurricane Harvey

ST Genetics Spared So Far by Hurricane Harvey


DairyBusiness & HolsteinWorld received this message from Jim Hiney at ST Genetics in Navasota, Tex., describing how the storm is impacting their organization.

“We greatly appreciate you thinking about us and we feel blessed that Hurricane Harvey spared our employees, animals and company facilities from damage and injury.

Our Navasota HQ facility and bull stud is located about 75 miles northwest of Houston. We’ve received about 20 inches of rain since about 1 am last Saturday. There has been some flooding nearby but our facility was spared. We never lost power and we continue to enjoy normal operations.

We’re equally blessed to live and operate in a state where the citizens are committed to helping each other in times of need. For proof, you need look no further than the videos that have emerged of boat owners rescuing strangers from their homes and folks on horseback helping producers move their livestock to higher ground. A number of the larger ranches north of Houston, including ST Genetics, have opened their properties to house evacuated livestock. As the remnants of Hurricane Harvey move east we urge producers to take all precautions necessary to protect their animals and belongings.

The people of ST Genetics are grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and prayers we’ve received from our customers, friends and peers in the A.I. industry and we ask that they contribute to Houston’s recovery in any way they can.