Start your calves right for a productive life


First Arrival® with Encrypt® helps calves
maintain normal digestive health

Did you know 70% of the immune system resides in or around a calf’s digestive tract? Maintaining normal digestive health at the start of your calves’ lives help you raise fast-growing calves with healthy, functioning immune systems. First Arrival® with Encrypt® contains the broadest range of novel and innovative ingredients, including a full range of eubiotics, to help calves maintain normal digestive health and vigorous immune function. Ingredients include:

  • Encrypt® powder, a unique soluble and insoluble fiber source containing organic acids that helps maintain the protective layers of the gut
  • Dried Egg Protein — both egg yolk and whole egg sources
  • Specialized condensed whey solubles sourced from dairy cows
  • A source of micro-encapsulated, live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms
  • Essential oils
  • Yucca schidigera, psyllium seed husk and vitamins A, D and E provide added support for the growing calf

After calves have consumed their colostrum, feed First Arrival® with Encrypt® Newborn Calf Powder morning and night for at least two weeks. The powder is easy to use in various milk feeding systems, including:

  • Bottles
  • Buckets
  • Automatic feeders

Maintaining normal digestive health and supporting a healthy, functioning immune system not only helps with immediate growth returns for calves, but it pays down the road in fast-maturing animals who enter the herd early and help you meet your production goals.

When dairy calves need rapid support, Last Stand® with ImmWave® can help by supporting digestive health and a robust, functioning immune system. When you’re out checking the hutches or barns, carry a few tubes with you – whether you are on foot, driving an ATV or a truck – Last Stand® is easy to carry and ready to use anytime and anywhere calves need rapid response to help maintain normal digestive health.

With our 2020 Producer Spring Savings Promotion going on until May 31, livestock producers can earn a 5% discount on Last Stand® with ImmWave® calf paste.

Visit our website for more information, call us at 717-509-5724 to reach your DBC Ag Products representative or get in touch with your local animal health supplier to learn more!

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