Susquehanna County Dairy Princess mini-pageant held

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2020-2021 Susquehanna County Dairy Princess – Elizabeth Chidester
Dairy Ambassadors -Holly Harvatine, Charley Quick, Chelsea Empet, Katelyn Farley, Morgan Tweed, Courtney Marvin, Ava Hughes
Dairy Maids – Emmory Coy, Kali Harvatine

On May 23rd the Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Mini-Pageant was held at the gazebo on the Green in Montrose, following all the regulations pertaining to the Covid-19 outbreak in our Nation. With the safety in mind of all involved the dairy promotion team members gathered waiting in their family’s vehicle for their turn for pictures.

It is traditional for Pageant to be held at a local church with awards and recognition of the accomplishments or our Dairy Princess, Dairy Ambassadors and Dairy Maids having completed a year of promotion work. Speeches the girls would normally do for an audience of 75 to 100 people were individually videotaped and posted on the Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion Facebook page. I would encourage you to like our Facebook page and listen to all eleven of the girls speeches.

After individual pictures, families waited in their cars to watch the crowning by our outgoing Dairy Princess Kyleigh Jones of the 2020/2021 Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Elizabeth Chidester. Elizabeth has served as a Dairy Ambassador for four years and therefore continues in our program with lots of experience promoting the dairy industry. Elizabeth lives and works on her family’s dairy farm near Montrose with her parents Charles and Lorraine Chidester and brothers Collin and Andrew and sister, former Dairy Princess Mary Catherine Chidester.

Beginning her reign, amid the pandemic we are experiencing, will be challenging however Elizabeth is up to the challenge with the support of team members, Dairy Ambassadors Morgan Tweed, Charlotte Quick, Holly Harvatine, Courtney Marvin, Chelsea Empet, Ava Hughes, Katelyn Farley and Dairy Maids Emmory Coy and Kali Harvatine. Susquehanna County has a reputation of having a strong team of dairy promoters, with Elizabeth’s leadership it is sure to continue.

Elizabeth states in a Facebook post, it has been a dream of hers to be Dairy Princess and is ready to share her experiences as a dairy farmer’s daughter with many people. This year will be different but Elizabeth is all ready thinking outside of the box with new promotion ideas including videotaping the different breeds of dairy cows and posting on Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion Facebook page and planning a billboard supporting the consumption of MILK produced by Pennsylvania dairy farms.

When the pandemic allows all to gather a picnic will be planned to recognize all of the girls more in depth then we were allowed to do at our Mini-Pageant. Each one of the girls went home with a canvas “Got Milk” bag containing gift items for the coming year and a bouquet of roses donated and arranged by committee member Mary Puzo.

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