Susquehanna Dairy Ambassador promotes milk at Farm Show

Charlotte Quick, Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador

Helped Dairy Princess, Paige Peiffer, educate Farm Show goers about the benefits of milk

Hello, everyone!  My name is Charlotte Quick and I am a Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador. Recently, I had the opportunity to represent Susquehanna County at the Calving Corner down at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.  Working with several other Dairy Princesses and their team members from counties across the state, I was able to help our State Dairy Princess, Paige Peiffer, educate Farm Show goers about the benefits of milk at several different “milk stations.”

At one station, kids had the opportunity to “milk a cow.” Another station helped kids to identify nondairy products like whipped cream and almond milk.  My favorite station emphasized the 9 essential nutrients of milk. For example, did you know that to get the same amount of calcium that is in one eight ounce glass of milk, you would have to eat 10 cups of spinach?



That’s a lot more than just a few leaves in your salad! You would also have to eat 1 cup of canned kidney beans to equal the same amount of Phosphorous in milk!  These are just two examples of the important nutrients you can easily get in milk. You might not have time to eat 10 cups of spinach or 1 cup of canned kidney beans on your way out the door, so I think I would much rather have a cold glass of nutritious milk!

No matter which station was attended, Farm Show goers were sure to hear from Pennsylvania Diary Team Members about milk and how important it is to our diets.



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