Take care of that precious crop. Have high expectations for the feed you’ll serve up.

Connie Pierson Kuber -- Connor Agriscience

She’s depending on you.

You’re maybe in the middle of (or on the verge of) winter forage season and, man, what a great crop we’ve seen! Lush, tall, thick, and full of nutrients for those cows. If you’re not, that first cut hay will be here before you know it.



We’ve said this a million times and probably have riled some people up. But we are concerned that you have the very best feed you can get this year. Our businesses have no room for error, and we are going to live with the feed we make for a whole year.

Take care of that precious crop. Have high expectations for the feed you’ll serve up.

Who’s chopping?
Hire the right people to come in and harvest it for you, whether you chop your own or not. Talk to that employee (yes - even the contractor is an employee - you’re paying them right?) about your goals.

  • Where the pile will be and what size it will be.
  • The height of the pile or bunker.
  • How fast the crop is delivered to the pile and in what Dry Matter shape.
  • Inoculant use - clean, cool containers; correct application rates; using the brand and kind you want.
  • The 6” layers that you expect to be layered one on top of the other and the packing weights of the tractors being used. Is it enough?
  • The pack tractor’s pattern - perpendicular to the blade tractor and on the pile, not at a slant so the forage gets “kicked out”, fluffed and loses density. Remember: Forward, Reverse, Repeat. All four tires always on the pile.

There are choppers (employees) that are proud of the work they do to make great forage. Pick them to do the right thing. They do a precise job, with care and your profits in mind. They listen to you and want to work with you. They come back during feed out stage and review how the feed is feeding out. They want a safe harvest and a safe outcome for the people feeding your cows. No rot (right density), no avalanches (1:3 slope drive over piles your unloader can reach the top of). They care.

Who’s covering?
And then there are the covering employees. There are several who do a great job, are there when you need them, covering quickly using tires that touch.

  • Give them plenty of heads up so they can do a good job for you.
  • Some have crews all over the countryside, and it takes planning and time to get crews to the right place at the right time.
  • Don’t call when the last pack tractor crawls off the pile. Call when you start to harvest, and agree on a time to do a quick text or call back.
  • Make sure they are using the film you want them to use, like Sealpro®, of course.

Need help?
You expect the best silage barrier films out of us. For over 25 years, we have worked hard to deliver and be the best employee you’ve got! If you need us to help figure pile sizes, are curious how much weight should be on a pack tractor, how fast the trucks should be delivering to the pile or bunker, or any other harvest question, give us a call.

Stay safe out there!

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