Take the 10 Gallon Challenge

Initial fundraising goal of $2000 in hopes of donating 1000 gallons of milk

Jefferson County, New York Farm Bureau is partnering with the Food Bank of Central New York to benefit local families in need through the ’10 Gallon Challenge’. The challenge went viral on social media (#10GallonChallenge) earlier this year after a Wisconsin Farm Broadcaster came up with a unique way to help struggling dairy farmers while meeting a critical void. Milk is one of the most requested items by food banks, but least donated. It is a top food source for calcium, vitamin D and potassium and on average, people served by food banks receive less than one gallon per person a year.

“We are asking people to donate $20 which will purchase 10 gallons of milk,” said Jefferson County Farm Bureau President Devon Shelmidine. “Our county Farm Bureau board will take care of buying the milk and delivering it to the Food Bank who will be able to best distribute to local pantries ensuring families have access to a healthy, nutritious option.” The county Farm Bureau has set a minimum fundraising goal of $2000 in hopes of donating 1000 gallons of milk, but the main goal is to donate as much milk as possible. Donations will be accepted through December 8 and milk will be purchased and brought to the Food Bank of Central New York on December 12.

They have set up two easy options to donate to the 10 Gallon Challenge. People are encouraged to send a check,payable to Jefferson County Farm Bureau, and mail to Jay Canzonier at 7781 Lake Road, Henderson, NY 13650. Be sure to write 10 Gallon Challenge in the memo section of the check. A Go Fund Me page has also been set up to accept donations. You can access that page by visiting Jefferson County Farm Bureau on Facebook (facebook.com/JeffersonCountyNYFarmBureau/) or gofundme.com and search Take the 10 Gallon Challenge!

“A gallon of milk may not seem like much to some, but it can make a huge difference in serving our community,” said Jefferson County Farm Bureau Past-President Adam Miner. “Let’s make this a great event and provide an important healthy, quality staple that is missing from many households this holiday season.”

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