Taking the Smell Out of, “Smells like Money”

EnduraGestTM lessens manure odor and increases nutrient value

The old adage, “smells like money,” in reference to the odorous outcome associated with livestock operations, has long been a theme in the countryside. However beneficial as field-applied nutrient fertilizers produced by that lagoon, pit or litter might be, the smell has become a greater concern amongst neighbors not associated with livestock or agriculture production in recent years. EnduraGest, a Legion Bio Chem microorganism additive, aims to tackle both the benefit and the bouquet associated with livestock manure.

EnduraGest microorganisms are added to litter, lagoons and pits connected with poultry, dairy and swine operations. The microrganisms go to work breaking down ammonia, and animal and vegetable oils and greases, effectively reducing odor and breaking down solids. With the immediate benefit of odor-reduction and additional benefits for specific waste-handling systems, EnduraGest also increases the nutritional value of the manure by breaking the nutrients down for better soil and future plant uptake.

“When it comes to today’s livestock farms, adding profit opportunities to every step is important,” Jared Roberts, Legion Bio Chem’s VP of Sales, said. “We understand the market is tough right now, so if you consider adding an input, it better add ROI. We believe EnduraGest is best on market for odor-reduction and adding nutrient value — all at a very competitive price point.”

In lagoon use, EnduraGest reduction of the bottom muck layer has shown a 50% reduction in odor and increased efficiency in stage two ponds. When added to pits, EnduraGest increases run-time between full clean-outs and minimizes muck-outs. Across the board, EnduraGest has shown increased nutrients for soil application, nearly doubling available nitrogen, and more than doubling available phosphorus pentoxide, while significantly increasing potassium oxide and other valuable micronutrients.

“We’ve been really impressed with the nutrient increases from manure treated with EnduraGest,” Roberts added. “We’re a nutrient company, so if you have the opportunity to use manure on your fields as a nutrient input, we’re all for it — we want you to get the most out of that byproduct for the next crop, which is what EnduraGest does.”


EnduraGest is available through Legion Bio Chem dealers, or by connecting with the Legion team via the website: www.legionbiochem.com. Additional technical and product materials can also be found on the website.

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