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SomaDetect, Winnow and Wasteless took home the 3 top awards at FoodBytes! NYC

Disruptive sustainable food and agriculture entrepreneurs showed the audience what the future of food could look like at FoodBytes! NYC. SomaDetect, Winnow and Wasteless took home the three top awards for their cutting-edge technologies – aiming to reduce food waste throughout the supply chain and produce better quality milk.

FoodBytes! by Rabobank is a global platform designed to build lasting connections between corporates, investors and the most promising food, food tech and agtech startups.

Judges’ Choice Award: SomaDetect

FoodBytes! NYC judges selected the winner based on product innovation, market traction, team and sustainability from the 3.5-minute pitch companies. SomaDetect, a deep learning AI dairy company, was chosen for their fiercely innovative technology that provides real-time, automated analysis of milk quality without any addition of chemicals or consumables. Applauded not only for its technology, but for its farmer-first approach and focus on quality.

Bethany Deshpande, CEO, commented: “So much of our passion comes from wanting to make an impact in the food industry by helping to build a more sustainable tomorrow, and the FoodBytes! community is trying to do just that. Winning this award is exciting for us and for every single dairy farmer who has been supporting us this whole way.”

People’s Choice Award: Winnow

Voted on by the audience and Facebook Live viewers using the same judging criteria, Winnow won the People’s Choice Award. As the developer of technology that allows real-time data monitoring on discarded food in commercial kitchens, Winnow aims to help businesses increase profitability while dramatically reducing food waste.

Highly Commended Award: Wasteless

From the 1.5-minute pitch companies, the judges awarded Wasteless, a dynamic pricing system that allows supermarkets to price and sell products based on expiration dates, the Highly Commended Award. Wasteless aims to prove that an innovative, intelligent and data-driven approach is needed to disrupt the food chain and reduce food waste.

The New York City pitch companies were:

3.5-minute: (Food Tech), Afresh Technologies (Food Tech), Dexai Robotics (Food Tech), Winnow (Food Tech), SomaDetect (Agtech), Pheronym (Agtech), Ocean Hugger Foods(CPG), BrainJuice (CPG) and Sweetie Pie Organics (CPG).

1.5-minute: Wasteless (Food Tech), Agragen (Food Tech), Spinn (Food Tech), (Food Tech), dropnostix, GmbH (Agtech), RIND Snacks (CPG), Rise Brewing Co. (CPG), Pulp Pantry(CPG), OneForNeptune (CPG), and Frecious (CPG).

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