TechMix Global Hires Michael Reid, PhD


Michael Reid, PhD

TechMix Global has hired Michael Reid, PhD in the role of International Ruminant Health Manager. The global footprint of TechMix has expanded significantly in recent years and Michael will be instrumental in bringing extensive technical and direct research expertise to TechMix ruminant customers and producers. Dr. Reid will also have commercial responsibilities with some key distribution and manufacturing partners in Europe. Additionally, he will be working closely with current TechMix team members to implement educational and training programs



for commercial customers and at the farm level. His experience and knowledge of ruminants will elevate effective implementation of the health and performance products TechMix innovates and markets—products that offer superior physiologic and performance support to animals. Michael will also work closely with the TechMix global innovations team offering insights into product development and research with technologies that will have greatest impact in support of producer goals for production and performance.

Dr. Reid received his PhD from Queens University Belfast/Teagasc focusing his principle research on milk yield, composition and the efficient use of nitrogen for milk processing in supplemented dairy cows and is now based in Cork, Ireland. In his most recent job at Nutribio, Ltd., Michael was Business Development Manager and worked to build significant international business relationships and manage key accounts. His combination of skill sets will make Michael a highly valuable asset for ongoing TechMix business growth and a regarded ruminant resource for all partners. Michael also has experience in writing grants for specific research funding and a keen acumen for reading data, conducting research, evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and managing personnel.

“Dr. Reid will add another level of elevation in our global research and product development expertise. His credentials and experience will raise the conversation about our full line of non-pharma products designed to support both veterinarians and producers alike. Michael values efficient ruminant performance and animal welfare and is highly dedicated to helping customers at every level achieve their goals. With the marketplace changing so rapidly, his expertise will be a tremendous asset to TechMix”, says David Muysson, TechMix COO / Director International.

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Since 1983, TechMix has been manufacturing and marketing BlueLite®, the most recognized brand in livestock hydration support. It is often recognized as “Gatorade for animals.” TechMix innovates with livestock producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and universities around the world to provide the best hydration products to protect animals and producer investments. The TechMix dairy product lineup includes Bovine BlueLite®, Fresh Cow YMCP®, YMCP Vitall® and BlueLite® ReplenishM. Products for swine include Swine BlueLite®, Baby Pig Restart®,



BlueLite® Pro2Lyte and Dual Dry®. All our products are science-designed to optimize hydration and nutrient absorption when needed most for recovery from stress events or improved performance. By providing the right hydration at the right time, TechMix is redefining hydration to keep animals drinking, eating and producing.

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