Thank a dairy farmer today

Charlotte Quick, Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador

Farmers are still feeding and milking their cows every day


 Recently, you may made have heard how dairy farmers have been struggling in the wake of the corona virus pandemic, and this is certainly true in more ways than one. But what is also true is that our nation’s dairy farmers are still working hard to continue farming so that we might have access to healthy and nutritious dairy products. This means that farmers are still feeding and milking their cows every day. Calves are still being born.

Farmers are still cleaning their barns and responsibly managing the health of their herds every day. They are still getting equipment ready while they wait for the weather to cooperate so they can plant their crops. Farmers are still making sure that the milk they produce is safe for consumption and readily available to their communities. So now, more than ever, PA dairy farmers need to be reminded that you and other consumers care about them and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Dairy farmers all over the nation need your support through these rough times.

So how do we show our support? The most obvious way to support our dairy farmers is to buy more of the products that their milk goes to produce, like chocolate milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. After all, who doesn’t want more ice cream? Another way to support our dairy farmers may seem simple, but it is just as appreciated. Simply find ways to say THANK YOU!

Have you had milk or yogurt with your breakfast? Thank a farmer! Have you had ice cream today? Thank a farmer! Do you like chocolate milk? Thank a farmer! Have you eaten a cheese stick today? Thank a farmer! Do you like milkshakes? Thank a farmer! Have you eaten grilled cheese? Thank a farmer!

Thanking a farmer is not a hard thing to do, but you still might be wondering how you can thank a farmer. First, you need to identify one or two farmers in your area. Maybe you know them personally, or maybe you have heard of their farm from a friend. Next, you simply say, “Thank you!” One way to say “thank you” is on social media. Let a local dairy farmer know that you care by posting a picture of you with your favorite dairy product and include a sign that says something along the lines of “Choose PA Dairy,” or “Thank You PA Dairy Farmers!” Tag the pictures with the hashtag #supportdairyfarmers or #ChoosePADairy! Another way is to put just a little extra milk on your cereal or just add a little extra dairy to your favorite meals! My favorite way to thank “My Farmers” is to bake and personally deliver their favorite cookies right to the barn! My farmers love old fashioned molasses cookies! You could also include a thank you card telling them how much you appreciate their work and dedication.

As you can see, there are many ways to thank our dairy farmers and hopefully you will find the ideas that have been suggested helpful. Maybe you and your family will come up with your own ways, as well. There are lots of dairy farmers right here in Susquehanna County and its neighboring counties who would love to hear an encouraging “Thank You.” The bottom line is to thank your dairy farmers. Have you thanked your farmers today?

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