Thanks for Sharing Your Opinions on Manure Management

Joel Hastings

Joel Hastings
Joel Hastings, Editor & Publisher

The web site survey we’ve been conducting for the past month on the topic of manure management provides a bit of insight into what readers are considering.

There were nearly 200 responses with 80% dairy farm owners and managers. Just about half (48%) are considering some new methods for handling manure on their dairies.  And of those, 36% say it’s to deal with government regulations at some level, national, state or local.

New methods include the use of new technologies (38%), adding to land base (27%), expanding manure storage (15%) or “other” (17%).

Thanks to those of you who shared your opinions.  We invite everyone to respond to the new topic… labor management… that’s appearing now.  We’ll share survey results which also guides our editorial work.  We assure you, we do not capture participant information so all responses are completely anonymous.