The American Dairy Coalition Congratulates President on Signing of a Phase One Trade Agreement with China

President Donald Trump signed a historic trade agreement with China today that will represent a Phase One Agreement between the two countries.  Through this enforceable agreement, China has agreed to structural reforms in intellectual property, technology transfer, financial services, currency, foreign exchange and — most importantly for farmers — agriculture.

China has agreed to make substantial purchases of American agricultural products and goods. It is expected this agreement will benefit the American economy and deliver a boost to farmers as well as improve the outlook in the manufacturing sector.
“American Dairy Coalition is pleased to see the President responding to the needs of the dairy and agriculture industry. The members we represent have been suffering economically for far too long as a result of the trade war with China. Both increasing and maintaining access to markets overseas for American dairy products provides much needed relief to not only our nation’s farmers, but everyone in the supply chain. We must do all we can to ensure farmers can continue to provide nutritious, safe, affordable food to the world.” — American Dairy Coalition CEO, Laurie Fischer.

The American Dairy Coalition applauds the efforts of the President and U.S Trade Officials to negotiate enforceable agreements that will provide wider and more reliable access to offshore agricultural markets.

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