The Cutting-Edge Grassfed Conference

The Cutting-Edge Grassfed Conference

Speaker Spotlight
Questions with Tre’ Cates

“Building a Regenerative Culture”

Tre’ Cates answers questions about his perspective on regenerative agriculture and it’s role for our future. Tre’ also gives us a sneak peak at what he will be talking about at this year’s Grassfed Exchange Conference.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Winners to be Announced July 15
Thanks to a very generous grant from the folks at “The Herd,” we are now accepting applications for young daughters, sons, veterans, interns and other new farmers to attend the 2017 conference under a scholarship program.

Become a Sponsor

Over the life of our conference we have had thousands of people attend with attendees from 6 different countries (90% of which are farmers and ranchers.) If you market to the grazer and/or the grass fed producer, you will want to consider sponsoring this years event.
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Great Fun in Albany

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