The FeedTyme feed pricing platform helps dairies

The FeedTyme feed pricing platform helps dairies and feed mills move quickly to securely buy, sell and manage feed ordering while on the go.

FeedTyme’s goal is to significantly improve and modernize the business landscape for dairies buying feed and making feed buying decisions.

Dairies easily see feed prices from your mill, make your feed order from your cell phone, get and manage feed pricing quotes or make a price bid offer to your feed mill.  If needed you can reduce billing paperwork, we can put your monthly billing straight in to your QuickBooks.

Feed mills are also able to take advantage of FeedTyme by quickly listing current feed pricing in seconds, manage pricing from multiple sales locations and watching sales in real time. Your feed sales team will move quickly and be aware of every customer order and order history.  FeedTyme can also automate billing.  Other mills do not see your mills feed pricing & FeedTyme is not a feed seller or competitor.

FeedTyme is developed by people who know ag and is veteran owned.

Dairies can learn more or can sign up at

Call Tyler Morgan today at 866-606-5858 and let your feed mill know about us.

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