The Future of DAIRYBUSINESS is the Future of Dairy

by Richard Parker DAIRYBUSINESS Editorial and Creative Director

The Future of DAIRYBUSINESS is the Future of Dairy

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The Future of DAIRYBUSINESS is the Future of DairyThe world is changing rapidly for individuals, families, businesses, institutions, government, education, our country and the world around us. The economy, education, and politics are just some of the key factors that are rapidly evolving to meet the needs, desires, and plans of everyone on the planet. Including the dairy industry.

The world is changing rapidly for individuals, families, businesses, institutions, government, education, our country and the world around us. The economy, education, and politics are just some of the key factors that are rapidly evolving to meet the needs, desires, and plans of everyone on the planet. Including the dairy industry.

From the beginning and now as a division of HFW Communications, DairyBusiness Publications is 113 years old. So we have a long history of dedication to serving the dairy industry by primarily providing news and insights to producers and breeders. DAIRYBUSINESS and HOLSTEINWORLD, two of the most recognized names in dairy, are known throughout the world as they were among the first publications to focus on what has become a $35.7 billion industry. With a past as a pioneer in our business and a current reputation for delivering news on the latest trends, innovations, and observations, DAIRYBUSINESS is now directing our efforts to be a digitally integrated publisher of critical issues, advocacy, news content, and social media for the future of dairy.

Today, technology is having the greatest effect on our lives and chosen professions more than anything else in the history of business. No longer are dairy farm families, vet and nutrition support, milk processing, transportation, and energy providers isolated from the rest of the world. Now, our dairy businesses are linked with information, service, and solutions through technology. Keeping up with technology advances to help dairy farmers grow and prosper is an important part of the content we now deliver. And we are also introducing technology systems that make our services to readers and advertisers better than ever.

More change. More now. More future.

To survive in this new demanding environment, those who want to succeed in business – particularly in the dairy industry – must accept reality and realize many changes need to be made. Some are radical, especially in the way some of us operate and think. That is because today’s business problems and demands are much different than in the past. The velocity of business is much faster. And new ways to educate, communicate, and collaborate must be adopted for us all to succeed. That is why DAIRYBUSINESS has chosen to dramatically change to help make way for a better future.

More faster, better and cheaper.

Our May 2017 DAIRYBUSINESS issue is the first important step in this change as our primary publication will no longer be a printed-paper magazine. DAIRYBUSINESS will now be an online digital communications vehicle. That will allow us to respond to reader and advertiser needs much faster and with better coverage on key issues of the day and as in-depth or as brief as dairy professionals need or want. And we will be able to deliver better at less cost than traditional printed publication production. That will allow for more effective pricing for our advertisers to reach their audience. Faster. Better. Cheaper. Sounds like the same new drumbeat that dairy producers and industry professionals everywhere are dancing to in order to survive and prosper.

More focus. More inclusive. More social.

Incorporating the most advanced online communications technology now allows DAIRYBUSINESS to serve a broader range of readers with more detailed and timely news and editorial content. Today, important information can come from anywhere in the world at any time. Straight from companies introducing new products. Instantly from nutrition specialists, veterinary professionals, or financial institutions. Comprehensively from experts at professional dairy organizations and university ag extensions that can provide help right when help is needed. And even friendly advice and helpful conversation from advocates and dairy professionals close-by or far away through the social media that will now be integrated throughout our new content structure and editorial policy.

More targeted.

The new DAIRYBUSINESS is designed to better serve the key decision makers and participants in the dairy industry. There are clearly three dairy professional groups for which we will serve up the most interesting, immediate, and applicable content and editorial information possible.

The Dairy Producers:

For dairy producers, DAIRYBUSINESS will provide more immediate and applicable news, how-tos, strategies, and tactics to help in the growth and profitability of dairy operations. And we can do so regionally, to every dairy farm in the United States. And even to the rest of the world. The dairy industry is constantly changing and so are the needs of producers to keep up with the opportunities. Reaching dairy producers to inform them about the good and bad news is the most critical and important part of our business. But there are other dairy professionals targeted by DAIRYBUSINESS who also play a vital role in the success and future of dairy.

Marketers and Advertisers:

DAIRYBUSINESS partners with other professionals who provide marketing communications to producers and others in the industry. Their communication programs, news on products and equipment, etc. are the glue that holds the dairy industry media together. The combination of creative and informative communications advertisers and marketers produce to inform and help dairy producers is one reason why dairies have become more productive and able to grow. The new digital DAIRYBUSINESS has been reorganized and energized to provide the best possible way for them to speak to targeted decision makers in our industry.

When it comes to targeting, DAIRYBUSINESS offers the ability to get very broad or very micro. Media planners and buyers can target – in real time – by Continent, Region, City, DMA, or whatever criteria they need to reach their audience. And personalized, online, real time monitoring of advertising placements or campaigns can be made easier with dashboard monitoring of every program. When it comes to targeting promotions, DAIRYBUSINESS has many new ways to generate a one-click call to action and track response to make your communications future look brighter:

  • 30,000 new opt-in email recipients just waiting to read all about it.
  • Weekly promotion of new digital products.
  • Additional promotion with special section focus.
  • Preferred advertiser pricing for new digital issues.
  • See the DAIRYBUSINESS Media Specs for more information, sizes, and prices.

Dairy Industry Partners and Support System Professionals:

DAIRYBUSINESS isn’t just for producers and advertisers. It has also been designed to be a key information resource for all those support individuals and companies who serve the dairy industry. Those include finance, nutrition, animal health, energy, equipment, labor, transportation, food processing, and genetics.

More audience. More mobile. More languages.

The DAIRYBUSINESS online audience averages over 72,000 visitors a month and is growing. And our online digital ads receive over 633,000 impressions a month. But dairy producers are frequently not in their office but still need news and information while on the go. So DAIRYBUSINESS mobile is always available anywhere, any time. With live market, industry news, video, podcasts, social media feeds and more. And in multiple languages!

Your future is our business.

DAIRYBUSINESS has played a significant role in providing important news and information to the dairy world for well over a century. But times have changed. The dairy industry is changing. And so are we. We have reorganized to be leaner and more responsive. We have also included improved reporting on news and advertising. And we have included breeders as part of DAIRYBUSINESS – not as a separate publication – as they should be considered an integral part of the future of dairy. And we are incorporating best practices in technology to provide the highest quality of communications experience possible.

We will also be providing a new and different kind of editorial view of our industry to help prepare dairy producers, advertisers, and partners with more operative intelligence to better plan for the future. In that respect, we will address many issues now instead of waiting for the to become critical news in the future. Those are issues such as providing more food with less resources, recognizing drivers of change, being constantly updated about future trends and consumer attitudes, having the latest information on milk exports and imports, having insight to volatility in milk and feed prices, become more knowledgeable about the increasing importance of genetics, getting actionable input on sustainable farming, and having better access to labor, to name a few.

Our DAIRYBUSINESS is all about the future of your dairy business. If you are a current reader, our new way of delivering information should increase your dairy business knowledge. If you are a marketer or advertiser, you will have an opportunity to try a better way to deliver your message more powerfully, manage your efforts more efficiently, and judge the results more effectively. And if you are a supplier or advisor, joining with us will make you a more valuable dairy operations partner.

We look forward to serving you in the future of dairy.


The Future of DAIRYBUSINESS is the Future of Dairy

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