The House is Flipping. Where Will Dairy Policy Priorities Land?


When Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January, new committee chairs will take over, bringing different policy priorities and perspectives to the table. This change in control will have an impact on issues important to IDFA members. Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios and former POLITICO chief White House correspondent, will address attendees at Dairy Forum, sharing an insider’s perspective on the election results and the impact they’ll likely have on the new Congress, dairy companies and the 2020 presidential election.


Mike Allen, Co-founder and Executive Editor of Axios, Former POLITICO Chief White House Correspondent

In addition to starting Axios, a new media company delivering news and insights on politics, business, media, and tech, Allen was a co-founder at POLITICO, the digital media company that upended political and policy journalism in Washington, New York and Europe.

He will offer his non-partisan, energetic and up-to-the-minute insider perspective on the political issues of the day, the Trump administration, Congress and building a business in an unsteady economy.

For his latest insights, read “Two Americas: amplified, tearing apart.”

Dairy Forum 2019

Dairy Forum 2019 will be held Jan. 20-23 at The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. Registration is open online.

For more information, contact Melissa Lembke, IDFA director of programs and partnerships, at

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