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Dear Dairy Community,
Today IDFA launches our new and improved website at We are excited to share this new tool for advocacy, education and networking on behalf of the dairy industry. Moreover, we’re confident that the website’s new features will play an important role in times like these—when nimble, reliable communications are more important than ever. Whether it’s streamlined access to member content, instant advocacy alerts or responding to and managing crises and emergencies such as COVID-19, the new website will position IDFA to better serve our members and the dairy industry.
As the dairy industry evolves, IDFA is evolving to lead for our members and to serve as the unified voice for whole dairy supply chain. Therefore, in addition to the website, we have updated IDFA’s branding and logo. To download IDFA’s updated logo and branding guidelines, just visit the Newsroom on the new website, or go directly to
The reason for these changes is simple: our industry is evolving, and we too must evolve to stay one step ahead.
If you had not noticed, IDFA has undergone notable changes over the past three years, going from four separate organizations to one unified brand and mission, with new leadership and new priorities. Now is the appropriate time to update our website—our main tool for engaging our members and the dairy industry—and to freshen our brand to match the new energy and focus of today’s IDFA. The website redesign allows us to put the user experience for our members, staff and other stakeholders front and center so that we can continue to deliver value for years to come.
Overall, the new website offers:
  • A fresher, cleaner look
  • Simpler navigation and ease-of-use across mobile devices
  • A robust search function
  • Single sign-on for our members
  • A dedicated Member Portal with curated content
  • Integrated features such as chat functions, instant advocacy and news alert
As a user of the website, there is very little you need to do to reap its benefits. Just visit and begin to get familiar with the site, its navigation structure, and where to find the information most important to you. While our website is geared toward IDFA members, with unique member-only content and features, anyone can access and use the website and its resources.
For members, log-in is simple:
Just click on the red circle in the upper right corner of any page to log-in and begin accessing member-only content and the Member Portal. Your current username and password have not changed. You will know that you’re logged-in once your initials appear in the red circle in the upper right corner of all pages. Once logged-in, the Member Portal is your access point to your Boards, Committees, Task Forces, events that you are registered to attend, products that you’ve purchased from the Knowledge Center, and more. We’ve built the site to prioritize a single sign-on for our members and to keep you logged-in as long as possible, so future log-ins will be infrequent.
For non-members:
There are places across the site to Connect with IDFA. Just find the Connect button at the top of each page, in the footer of each page, or in the Stay Connected box on the homepage. Once you create a username and password, you will be added to our mailing list to receive important industry updates, news and events, and market intelligence.
We are also pleased to have updated our IDFA logo and branding—including the colors associated with IDFA—to bring even more energy to our advocacy. You will notice these changes wherever IDFA’s logo appears—on social media, online and print advertising, at our events, and on a host of IDFA collateral, including letterhead, business cards, and industry listings. Some of the updates to our branding include:
  • A more powerful, dynamic milk splash logo
  • A red, white and blue color palette
  • Leaner, more modern fonts
What about our tagline? IDFA’s tagline—Making a Difference for Dairy—remains unchanged and as inspiring to our staff and membership as ever.
Our partner on this project is Engage, a full-service digital media agency in Alexandria, Va. who worked alongside us to bring value to our membership. We hope you’re as excited and energized by these changes as we are. Please take a moment to get acquainted with If you have questions, please reach out to and we will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you for your work to support the long-term success of the dairy industry. Together, thanks to your engagement, we are making a difference for dairy.
Michael Dykes, D.V.M.
President & CEO
International Dairy Foods Association

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