Transition Cow Workshop

Dairy farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians pursuing the latest research, insights and techniques for transition cow management should attend this one-day PDPW Transition Cow Workshop. Positioning your maternity management team for success, this workshop is designed to take cow management skills from excellent to elite.

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General Sessions

Transition Diets: Make big impacts with small adjustments

With a focus on transition cows, Dr. Mike Van Amburgh unveils what’s new and important about energy, protein, critical amino acids and digestibility. He’ll cover how amino-acid balancing during this critical period affects productivity.


Transition Cows: When to intervene and how

Dr. Heather White takes us into the liver of a high performing dairy cow and shines light on new findings about liver function and ketosis. Learn the signs of declining herd health, discover what’s new in risk factors and detection, and optimize the transition period to maximize total herd health.

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Breakout Sessions

Get it Right

Dr. Katie Mrdutt and Dr. Jon Garber show us why saving every cow is neither realistic nor practical-it often leads to over-treating cows, spending more on drugs and unacceptable cow welfare.

Feed for optimal health

Dr. Mike Van Amburgh will work through case studies to highlight different approaches to healthy transitions.

Consider a bigger

bulk tank

Dr. Heather White presents the latest on minimizing the impacts of ketosis and optimizing early-lactation production.

Workshop presenters…leaders in their field


Dr. Mike Van Amburgh is a professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University and currently leads the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System, a nutrition evaluation and formulation model used worldwide.
Dr. Katie Mrdutt, Program Manager with the Food Armor Foundation, trains veterinarians and producers in the Food Armor program and provides outreach to those implementing it.


Dr. Heather White is a University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Dairy Science Nutritional Physiology faculty member. Her research focuses on metabolism of the liver during the transition to lactation.
Dr. John Garber, associate veterinarian at Valley Veterinary Clinic in Seymour, Wis., and a member of the Food Armor committee.

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Registration Fee:

Members: $125 each; $75/additional individual from same dairy

Non-members: $250 each; $75/additional individuals from same dairy

Registration fee covers workshop, materials and lunch


December 12: Chippewa Valley Technical College, 620 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire, Wis.

December 13: Fox Valley Technical College – Bordini Center, 5 N Systems Dr. Appleton, Wis.