Troubleshooting Herd Health Issues on Your Dairy


Troubleshooting Herd Health Issues on Your Dairy

with Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialists
and Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY

Transition Cow Issues
In this episode, CCE Dairy Specialists Casey Havekes and Margaret Quaassdorff, discuss how to trouble shoot transition cow problems.

Previous Episodes

Dr. Rob Lynch, PRO-DAIRY Herd Health and Dairy Management Specialist, and Betsy Hicks, Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Dairy Specialist, describe the importance of managing dairy cows to optimize herd health.

Pre-Weaned Calves (Part 1)
In this episode, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Alycia Drwencke and Margaret Quaassdorff discuss trouble shooting herd health issues surrounding pre-weaned calf health. This episode will troubleshoot topics that include scours, growth rate, respiratory disease, and facility management.

Pre-Weaned Calves (Part 2)
In this episode, CCE Regional Dairy Specialists Margaret Quaassdorff and Alycia Drwencke will continue to discuss trouble shooting herd health issues surrounding pre-weaned calf health. This episode will troubleshoot topics that include grouping, using automatic feeders, disbudding, and weaning.

Weaning Transition
CCE Dairy Specialists Betsy Hicks, Margaret Quaassdorff and Melanie Palmer focus on troubleshooting issues through weaning transition for calves in this episode. Factors discussed include housing and facilities as well as social and behavioral factors. Nutrition through the transition as well as management of the calves and facilities are also focused on as areas to troubleshoot.

Post Weaned Heifers – Disease and Growth Issues
In this episode Rob Lynch, DVM, Herd Health and Management Specialist, Cornell PRO-DAIRY, and Dave Balbian, Regional Dairy Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Central New York, discuss how to troubleshoot disease and growth issues that impact post weaned heifers.

Heifers – Reproduction
In this episode, Dr. Julio Giordano, DVM, PhD, Faculty Cornell University, describes how to identify problems that impact heifer reproductive performance.

In this episode, CCE Dairy Specialists Casey Havekes and Margaret Quaassdorff, discuss challenges during calving. Margaret describes the stages of normal calving, as well as when to intervene, and Casey discusses the impact a difficult calving may have on the newborn calf. Management strategies that can help the dam and the calf following a difficult calving are also shared during this episode.

Save the Date
Critical Calf Care: Urgent Decision Making for Dairy Calf Health
Held weekly on Tuesday at 12:30 PM EDT, January 5 through Feburary 16, 2021
CCE Regional Ag Teams are offering a virtual calf care series at 12:30 PM EDT every Tuesday starting January 5, 2021. Sponsors have covered the cost of the program but registration is required. Register at
• Jan 5: Recognizing and diagnosing disease
• Jan 12: Dystocia and difficult calvings
• Jan 19: Record keeping and economics of disease

• January 26: Hydration status and electrolytes
• February 2: Scours and nutrition
• February 9: 911 – My calf needs help!
• February 16: Live panel discussion with Dr. Fernando Soberon (Standard Nutrition Consultants), Dr. Rodrigo Molano Torres (Valacta), Dr. Laura Rath-Brown (Midstate Veterinary Services), Dr. Jen Walker (Danone North America), and a local NY dairy producer.

Virtual CCE Dairy Day
Held daily from noon to 2 PM EDT, January 12 through January 15, 2021
Sponsored by Northern New York Agricultural Development Program

Register for CCE Dairy Day
• Jan 12: Milk Quality
• Jan 13: Industry Sustainability
• Jan 14: Dairy Markets and Labor
• Jan 15: Calf Management

2021 Virtual Operations Managers Conference Series: Embracing Excellence
Held weekly on Thursdays, 12:00 to 2:00 PM EDT, January 28 through February 18, 2021
Presented by PRO-DAIRY and NEDPA, Operations Managers Conference Series provides the opportunity for the people responsible for day to day activities on dairy farms to increase their management and operations skills. Each weekly two-hour session will include a general kick-off presentation and attendee’s choice of one technical breakout session in the area of dairy, crop, or human resource management. One breakout session each week will be offered in Spanish. All sessions will be recorded and available to conference registrants. Registrants will also have access to additional presentation content and networking opportunities in a conference app.

Link to full event information. Registration cost is $100 per person (unique email addresses are required to register and access the event).

PRO-DAIRY Forage Management Online Course
Held January 15 through March 15, 2021
Cornell PRO-DAIRY is offering an online Forage Management Course January 15 through March 15, 2021. Registration is $265.00 per person. A discount of $25 applies for registrations competed before January 2.

Link to Forage Management Course information

The Forage Management Course will begin with agronomic factors that influence forage quality and follow key strategies for harvest, preservation and feed out of quality feed. It will be valuable for decision makers and key employees in the cropping and feeding system on the farm. The course will include a mix of basic “101” level material combined with more advanced concepts and recent research findings.

Registration open for Transitioning to Supervisor course
This is the course you’ve been waiting for: how to lead people in your farm business! Learn the essential skills for supervising more effectively and creating a great place to work.

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development has opened registration for a six-week course titled “Transitioning to Supervisor,” which is part of a new Agricultural Supervisory Leadership certificate program. The course begins January 28 with an introduction to the curriculum and use of the web-based platform, Moodle. Cost is $275. Class size is limited to 30 participants.

Link to Transitioning to Supervisor course information

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