Joel Hastings, Publisher

In his speech at the American Farm Bureau national convention, President Donald Trump praised farmers and pointed out the work by his Administration passing tax reductions, reducing the estate tax and cancelling regulations which he said are putting an end to regulations “assaulting your way of life.”  The Convention is being held in Nashville, Tenn., and the president spoke on Monday afternoon for some 40 minutes.

He said his Administration has cancelled or delayed 1500 regulations, or taking down 22 regs for every one that has been enacted.  He drew loud applause when he said he “rolled back the terrible WOTUS” regulations… it was a “disaster” he said.

The President said he will work hard with Congress to pass the new Farm Bill which will include crop insurance.

He also talked about the report of the task force he appointed headed by Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue issued today aimed at helping rural areas.  Trump said increasing broadband internet access, rebuilding roadways, railways and waterways and confronting the opioid crisis are priorities.

He praised FFA and 4-H calling members “great young people who are the future of our country.”

Trump drew applause loud and long when he said he wanted the American flag and “our national anthem” respected.

He closed by recalling the Battle for New Orleans with the Americans led to victory by Tennessean Andrew Jackson 203 years ago today.

Observers said that the excitement about the President’s attendance was at a very high level and he was repeatedly interrupted by loud ovations.  Speaking to the rural press before his talk he referred to the NAFTA trade negotiations assuring listeners that he would do what is best for farmers and all Americans in revising the agreements.

Trump is the first president to speak at the convention in more than 20 years.